Comments for Fans Speak Out After Disney Announces Finding Nemo Musical Is Not Canceled, But Will Change

finding nemo

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  1. I think they should have announced that in the first place. Lying, making people freak out, and now this? Do they think they are politicians?

  2. Momo84

    If they reimagine it with social distancing like with Beauty and the beast, i’ll be pissed. The whole thing with removing puppets would be silly since that’s what makes this show, the performers are trained for this, lots and lots of training in fact. I’ve seen the transitions of shows throughout the last 30 years at the WDW parks and this has been the best they have done. I know that with time comes change, but with many of the entertainment changes that have come over the last year+, i am very skeptical of things going in a good direction. Florida is where the entertainment reigns if you were to compare both coasts, so please Disney don’t be foolish with this. Your entertainment cast and guests deserve some of the best!

    As a performer myself, in musical theater, and opera, having a show that creates so much happiness that tears flow at each show, that says something. Make good production choices Disney, and get actual show professionals a voice.

    1. rhonda l lehmann


  3. Steve Bennett

    Bets are on that the new script will be sanitized of humor and woke to live-remake “Lady and the Tramp” levels.

    Otherwise, why change a thing?

  4. Donald Boell

    Woke Disney does not represent the interests or desires of the people. Never more apparent than when they got rid of Night of Joy and Osborne Lights.

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