Fans Speak Out After Disney Announces Finding Nemo Musical Is Not Canceled, But Will Change

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Lately, we have heard a lot when it comes to the fan-favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom show, Finding Nemo — The Musical.

finding nemo the musical
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Actors from the show were told that it would be no longer, but today we discovered that this was done because it is being reimagined. Finding Nemo — The Musical began in 2007, but in 2022, a brand-new and reimagined version of the show will debut in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

As noted by Disney Parks Blog:

When my twin boys were little, “Nemo” was one of their first words. They loved the movie, and seeing it come to life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom would always put grins on their faces and a tear in my eye. “Finding Nemo — The Musical” has been delighting our guests since 2007, and I’m excited to tell you a reimagined show, based on the same beloved characters, will debut in 2022.

Although our Disney Live Entertainment team is still in the early stages of development for the show, the musical retelling of this underwater tale of family, friendship and kindness will feature new story material, as well as fan favorite songs such as “In the Big Blue World” and “Go with the Flow.”

Stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog for updates on this new show as we get closer to its debut next year.

finding nemo musical
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We do not have incredible details on what to expect in the show, but it sounds that the score will not change too much. After more entertainment shows such as Beauty and the Beast have returned, Guests have been wondering when an announcement for Finding Nemo would drop.

Now that we know it will one day return in a new way; our readers have formed their own opinions while responding to the news.

Melissa is glad that there and her boys were able to see the original version of the show:

I loved Nemo! I am so glad the boys got to see it and remember how cool it was! 

Carolyn S. hopes the quality of the show remains.

I enjoy the Broadway feel of Nemo.

finding nemo
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Courtney U. does not understand why Disney is choosing to take so much to upgrade the show instead of bringing in something new after all these years.

Seriously? Not even something new? Lazy.

Matt M. has an idea of what may be changing.

Probably switch to costumes instead of puppets. This way less taxing on the preformers
Jenny K is just happy to know some songs will remain the same!
don’t worry, some of the songs are the same
Terese P. wants an old show to return.
Bring back Tarzan Rocks!
Jennifer L. wants to see a new version of “Big Blue World.”
They better be having a new extended version of “big blue world”. That’s my jam jam!
finding nemo musical
Credit: Disney
Considering how many fans were devastated when actors started to discuss that the show was ending, the news that the show is just going to undergo a few changes before returning is a huge relief to many! It will be interesting to see what Disney changes and if there are new songs in the mix.
What do you think of Finding Nemo — The Musical being reimagined?


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