Comments for Disney FastPass Kiosks Officially Removed as New Paid System Debuts

disneyland paris fast pass kiosks removed


  1. Clg

    I was a passholder for 5 years .. I am done disney stinks now. No magic

    1. I agree
      Their out of there minds with this new pricing.
      Makes me sick how would Walt feel about these prices.

      1. Annie

        The sheep will pay, but this is a horrible PR idea.

  2. Jennie Duncan

    Disgusted. Without fast passes and being allowed to choose them 60 days in advance as Disney hotel guest, there is NOTHING left to entice me. We will still continue to go to Disney, but we will not stay on site. Since 90% of the perks aren’t there anymore, it’s a waste of money to stay on site.

  3. I’m done with Disney also.you have to pay to have car on property, pay for fast pass, and tickets keep going higher.. I’m done after 20yrs.
    Earlier this week found receipt from 1997 paid $600 for week including tickets for all parks.. now that’s 2 night’s.. maybe
    All overbuilt and no longer a fun place to go. North Carolina here I come

  4. Chloe

    Awful. Not sure we’re ever going to go back. Once prices go up they’ll never go back down.

  5. FWilliams

    I think this is the worst idea ever. In WDW the bonus of staying on site meant booking early fast passes…lightning lane sounds rubbish and won’t be available at all for top attractions..greed has taken over! Hated it In Shanghai.

  6. E.

    Horrible Idea!

  7. S Win

    It seems to me that Disney are setting up a two tier class style system. Upper/1st class can afford the better experience. Us lower/ 2nd class guests will have to queue for everything. Is it because there are not enough attractions/ rides for the numbers of people they are planning to cram into the parks. Fast pass only works if there are sizable queues for the lower class folk.

  8. Eila

    Pure insanity. As a frequent guest to Disneyland Paris, any one of us would tell you if you’re queuing long enough to need a fastpass, you’re doing something wrong. I’ve walked onto the e-ticket attractions with barely a wait time, 5 mins max. It’s bizarre what they’re doing, it’s so unnecessary. Who will pay for this? Gullible people who think DLP is the same as the American parks. I can understand it at WDW but DLP? No way.

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