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epcot overhaul

Credit: Disney


  1. David Sklar

    I have a trip coming up in April and I’m really hoping Divequest at the Seas will be back open. I’m taking that it’s still on the website as a good sign that it’s not gone for good…I hope.

  2. Sue

    Does this writer even know what EPCOT stands for? Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney’s vision was this would be an actual community where people lived and worked; not a theme park.
    It morphed into this theme park because of Michael Eisner, who was a far better CEO than what we have now.

  3. Nick

    They’re doing this way too soon, nearly half of the park, pretty much 3 of the 4 neighborhoods, is incomplete and inaccessible. The whole front end is “Under Construction World”, Disney should get it together before introducing something new. What good is it if guests can’t experience it? It’s actually a misleading, teasing disservice to call it a debut.

  4. SG

    Very misleading title. There is no “Debut” around Space Ship Earth, it’s still completely surrounded by green walls hiding the construction debris that is easily seen by monorail.
    Saw Ratatouille, APs sneak peek. So worth the presumably long wait come October 1st.

  5. Maryann Severino

    I miss the British band in England. Will they ever be coming back?

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