Comments for EPCOT Exit Floods as Guests Attempt to Leave During Torrential Downpour

All images credit: LoliGod17


  1. Em

    Magic Kingdom entrance walkway to the monorail

  2. Liz

    Not Epcot! Report the correct place guys

    1. Makk

      Um, yes it is. It says Spaceship Earth on the sign in the picture. Saw the same flooding a few weeks ago when leaving.

  3. Chas

    Was this included with the price of the tickets .😂

    1. Dana Sion

      Oh yes, Bob’s infamous pop-up water park…..MAGIC

  4. IHD

    You’d think with all their price gouging they’d at least make it passable for guests to walk. So much money and no repairs. SMH

  5. Jason Galterio

    This seems incredibly dangerous. I’m not referring to tripping in the water… but what are the odds of the water finding its way to a worn power connection in one of the lights or a stray bolt of lightning?

    1. Pets

      Exactly! They know it’s Florida, and they know that they have to deal with flooding like this. No reason they don’t engineer for it.

      1. Jason Galterio

        Very true. I was also thinking about the pictures in MK showing people letting their kids swim in the water. Just seems insanely and unnecessarily dangerous to me.

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