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  1. Evan

    Interesting story, such a special rollercoaster to myself and my family.. My father passed away in 2013, on our last biiiig family trip, we went to Universal Studios in I believe 2007, and my dad Who was not a huge fan of rollercoasters went on this one with me. We rode both the blue and the red dragons individually and than once each together and on the last ride we had together my dad lost his sandal and it hit someone on the way down.. it was a memory I’ll never forget, and a ride experience that was unrivaled for the most fun, and funniest of my life! Sad to see such a fun ride in shambles but that’s the way it goes! Truly wish I could claim a section of that coaster for the memory, would be a priceless treasure

  2. Casey S

    2001 we went to universal for senior trip I remember riding that ride and half way thru when the dragons went belly to belly my foot hit something. I’m thinking it was someone else’s foot from the other dragon.

  3. Traci Malizia

    I really miss the Dueling Dragons. Blue was my favorite. When they first built that park, I would go over and get in line to test ride before they grand opening. I can remember having a drink in my hand in one of their refillable cups and asking what I should do with my drink as I was loading. The guy said take it with you as long as you don’t drop it. Centrifugal force kept every drop in the cup. They would never let you do that now!

  4. Gabby

    Dueling Dragons was far better than anything Harry Potter, that’s for sure. Harry Potter should’ve just been it’s own park considering there’s no relation to anything Universal. Sad to see the classic roller coaster have to leave only to be replaced by something irrelevant to the park.
    Dueling Dragons is STILL my favorite roller coaster, and I still have the T-shirt I bought when I rode it for the first time.

  5. Brandi Ess

    Absolutely. I lost my flip flops and a hat on that ride. I rode it all the time. I loved the walk through to the ride with the fake frozen door and the growling through the walls that made it seem like the dragons were on the other side.

  6. Dave

    Backseat fire in front seat ice were the two best places to sit. You actually felt a few seconds of weightlessness from the backseat of fire. My family and I remember when dueling dragons actually dueled – when the coasters were timed exactly the same as if they were going To crash head to head. Over the years however they change the timing because I think someone got hurt anyway it was nothing like the excitement we felt when in the queue.

    1. Kathleen Hubbard

      My In-laws took our family to Universal when my son was in junior high. What I didn’t know before we left was that no one in his family likes going on rides. So my son convinced me to go on *both* rollercoasters one after the other. When we got off the ride I got yelled at by my (now ex) husband for “taking too long” and then almost threw up in a trashcan because the coasters had made me queasy. Wacky fun!

  7. Pang

    Harry porker can suck my egg roll. Dueling dragons was an og ride.

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