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magical express empty

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  1. Jason Struble

    I was very disappointed that the service was not available anymore…..we are arriving in June 2022…..I hope this isn’t a trend of less service or value

  2. CHRIS B.

    We are flying in late afternoon 12/31. Figure to be one of the last runs I bet. Still haven’t wrapped my brain around getting back to the airport yet! Tons of options. Sad to see this one go. Dollar Dollar Bill….

    1. Cherie

      Took the Magical Express for the first and apparently last time last week. Experienced the same little to no crowds and arrived in Orlando in late afternoon. Walked right onto the bus and it was fairly full. No lines inside the terminal at all.

    2. Donna

      I just made arrangements for family members on magical express arriving 12/30/2021 and leaving 1/4/2022. They will be running the magical express for returns to airport in 2022 as long as you arrived in 2021 so all is good for my family and you should be good too. Just call reservations and make your arrangements.

  3. Elaine Brown

    We were just there. Loved it! I think this is a BIG MISTAKE on their part. It made getting to the resorts so easy. I’m very disappointed in their decision.

  4. Nancy

    Very disappointed they decided to stop the service. In March the lines were so long we opted out and called for a lift. People were saying that once you got into line, the estimate to arrive at the resort was just over 2 hours..

  5. Linda Martino

    So disappointed! This was one of the best things to look forward to when arriving at Disney World .
    I have never had any problems and hope that they replace this with something just as magical .

  6. Michael

    My wife and I utilized the service. We arrived to a downpour, so having this service was nice as we never had to go outside with luggage to hail a cab or ride service. I, too, think it’s a mistake. But, it’s all about profit and loss. Prices are too high for the park and Covid is forcing lower numbers.

  7. Anna

    Magical Express is amazing! I have used it many times and it’s such a sweet start to a magical vacation. Plus it’s a really nice savings to a really expensive vacation. I hope Disney replaces this with something comparable.

  8. J Steltenkamp

    I was there Sept 18 and it was packed. We waited close to an hour to get on our bus. This was by far the only time I have waited even close to that amt of time. You could tell that they were short of busses or drivers ect. But I must say the crowd was really good about tge whole thing.

  9. Fred

    Maybe it’s time all fake pandemic rules gets abolished and travel / borders gets re opened.
    Then you would have more guest like Canadians your neighbours that use to go to Disney, but masks and spacing for a simple flu is simply un founded, masks are useless , medical facts about that are clear. Just return to a normal flu free world.

    1. Derek

      Jesus Christ…how are there still people this stupid out there…

      1. ILUO

        He’s right though. When NY fires their hospital workers and replaces them with unvaccinated NG you know it’s not about health. It’s a take over. And Disney is one of the worst. Their mandates will cause the loss of thousands of cast. The jab doesn’t work, delta surge is almost gone in Florida. Cast morale is rock bottom. Disney charges more and keeps removing perks. Disgusting. Woke Disney is a disgrace.

      2. Sue

        He is absolutely right. Fake pandemic. None of this was necessary.

        1. Rob

          You’ve failed at life.

          Keep your ignorant white trash takes to yourself.

      3. SG

        I agree with you Derek! As an RN, Ive seen first hand how horrible this COVID virus is! I think the only way these “simply lucky unbelievers” will “get it” , is if they actually get COVID. But I hope they don’t, because then they will spread it! We keep it alive by spreading it.
        Tomorrow I’m giving monoclonal antibodies to unbelievers who now believe and are so grateful for the chance to survive this, a chance, not a guarantee.

    2. Rob

      You are an incredible stupid human being.

    3. steve

      yeah Fred you got the answers……

  10. Ed Marks

    I’m not surprised that the magic Express lines aren’t long or full. Obviously, many people aren’t staying at the Disney resorts because you now have to pay extra money for things that used to be free such as the magical Express, fast passes and extra magic hours. Disney is making a big mistake by getting rid of all these things that were extra bonuses for their guests. Why would you stay in a Disney hotel on property if you don’t really get any advantages, yet still pay a high price?

    1. ResortsAreFull

      The resorts are nearly booked up through the end of the year actually.
      And non-Disney resorts could utilize FP+ and extra magic hours before, too.
      I’ll agree that I’m very sad to see Magical Express go away. I’d like to see more Disney resort guests only perks

  11. Mark

    They want to be part of cancel culture. By the looks of it we, the fans, are cancelling them. You don’t treat your employees and customers with disrespect and expect them to take it. Our last D trip is next month and it will be our last. The cutting, the price gouging, the new rules, etc. Every thing they touch now has to cater to a certain group on purpose to please them, but you’re not pleasing your real customers. They don’t know their demographics too well. They can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    1. Rob

      Cancel culture? Are you an adult? They made a business decision. Grow up.

  12. J

    We love the Magical Express. This is a huge mistake to end it!

  13. yoyo

    another compliment of greedy man chapek… no more transportation.

  14. Jack Hart

    Not sure when you folks are looking… If you want to guage crowds, trying booking a dining reservation!

  15. Barb304

    I’m sure Disney will come up with a replacement for the Magical Express but I bet it won’t be complimentary!

  16. Heather

    We used it both times we went with our children and
    Loved it.
    It was convenient and made things so much more smooth for our trip.
    We are planning a return in 2023 and are sad to hear this will be gone😢

  17. steve

    I agree it is a mistake to end it. Plus, they now charge for parking a car at your resort during your stay. So in effect they’ve got you coming and going. So if people would just STOP going there until they restore some sort of value besides price gouging they might get the message. Was there recently the restaurant reservations are hard to get….yet every restaurant I had a reservation at had signs saying seating available all day long. The prices are bordering on insane. Every sit down meal is a MINIMUM OF $40 PER PERSON most are more. The food is just ok…..not great….ate at Italy in Epcot and sent my chicken parm back after one bite….just awful….it was like $36. Food at Brown Derby was very good but at least $10 more than it was worth…..sorry this is about transportation from airport. Well….I think the UBER ARMY IS LOVING IT

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