Comments for There’s a BIG Piece of Disney’s Polynesian Resort That Isn’t Finished

polynesian village resort

Credit: Disney


  1. I knew the monorail station wasn’t finished when I first saw the pictures of people using it. It was functional and safe but not Disney perfection. I understand them opening it. It is an important perk of staying at a monorail line resort. I am confident that they will get this done quickly.

  2. Your photos show the exposed a-frames beams above the Grand Ceremonial Hall skylights. Although it looks like unfinished construction that has always been the architectural style since 1971, through they recently thinned out those beams. I think the porte cohere is done unless they are going to add the Polynesian graphics to the rounds post as in the official rendering. Finally, as B. Gorgeous above referred to the Monorail Station needing a little finish work – I agree, it’s getting there.

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