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magic kingdom nighttime crowds

Credit: ITM Rebekah B.


  1. Shannon Thompson

    We are supposed to be there October 5 and 6, but we’re worried about crowds. If our kids were vaccinated, we’d feel so much better. Do you think it’s going to be bananas on those days? HS on the 5th, MK on the 6th.

    1. Yes! I think it will be busy that entire week and probably most of the fall.

  2. Yes! I think it will be especially busy that entire week and continue throughout the fall

  3. Katherine

    We were there all day on the 22nd, the day you are supposedly talking about. We walked on every ride except 7 dwarfs. That had a posted fine of 45 minutes but the wait was 25. This is so inaccurate. We did Peter Pan, haunted mansion, all three mountains, buzz light year, and that slow silly car one ALL BEFORE 11:30

  4. Debbie

    I just got home yesterday. I went to The Magic Kingdom last Sunday (9/19), Animal Kingdom the next day. The crowds were there but not bad, walked on a lot of rides, others were just a short wait. They have been slowly putting out 50th anniversary merchandise all week. My kid is in the Disney College Program so I also just wanted us to be able to spend some time together. I was trying to figure out when the best time to visit would be re:less crowds. This was a last minute decision to go this past week as I was worried about this happening. I am so glad I did. I feel like it was perfect timing and I got out of there just in time!! It is predicted to be mobbed from now to at least thru the holidays. If you go be safe-wash hands a lot and mask even outside (in my opinion). And pack your patience. All that being said, have an awesome time!

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