Comments for Celebrate Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month at Disney World

Disney world celebrates Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month

Both Images Credit Disney


  1. Joseph Kastner

    Latinx is not a word. Everyone needs to stop using it including Disney

  2. Slade

    Latinx is not a word. The Spanish language is gendered, so get over it. Are you going to change every word in the language? Telling an entire culture that their language is wrong because it offends someone and then trying to change the language, is no different from when white people forced African slaves to use the words that they wanted. Africans couldn’t use African words to name themselves, they had to use the white peoples words. This seems no different to me. It all seems like white supremacy, but its Disney so, its appropriate, right?

  3. Joeybats

    With apologies to the movie CHASING AMY…
    “What’s a Latinx?”

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