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  1. Jeanine

    What time do the passes go on sale?

    1. Naomi

      I’m wondering the same!

    2. Robert

      Im guessing midnight eastern time

    3. The article says at the bottom that no time has been released. D: So here I am thinking, “Will it be midnight? 6am? 8? 10?”

      1. Jamie

        Me too! I’ve been refreshing my phone for 40 minutes

        1. Otter

          One of the things I read about Disneyland’s AP sale was that it wasn’t to happen “before 10am.” So I’m wondering if that will happen here as well.

    4. Heather

      I was wondering the same thing. I have been refreshing my computer screen since midnight (Eastern time)

    5. Otter

      Answer: 6am! I entered the queue at 5:50am, and it already says I’ve got a “more than an hour” wait.

      1. Rita

        How do you enter the queue? Every link I go to for annual passes doesn’t give you an option to purchase.

        1. Candy

          Go on your computer if you can. It was on the Home Screen. I was checking earlier this morning and couldn’t get in with my phone. It was the COVID message. So I went on my computer when I saw people were in the que at 5:30 this morning. And I got right in. Didn’t even have to wait a minute

          1. Kritch

            What a ripoff! We’ve had an annual pass for years and we’re from out of state. Now we have to spend 3 times as much to get one?! Won’t be doing it. Not a good look, Disney. I know we’re not the only ones, either.

  2. Mitch

    I just checked and I can’t purchase. It just takes me to COVID information for the parks. How do you get into a queue to purchase?

  3. rroe

    Covid running ramped in Florida and Disneyworld shoulder to shoulder with huge crowds……..I’ll wait.

    1. Hij

      Numbers are way down but I understand waiting. Disney isn’t worth the price anymore

  4. Donna

    I bought the incredi-pass for family member today at 6:30 am, easy no fuss with virtual que online. (I renewed mine in June so only needed 1 today. But it shows expire date of Sept 7,2022, hopefully they will do same as past, not start 1 year until actually using for 1st time which won’t be for couple months for her

  5. Donna

    I went into my Disney experience, add tickets and it said could only by on web site and automatically sent me there then it put me in the que with 10 min wait. I Did this at 6:15 Hope this helps those trying to get tickets.

  6. Mitch

    How are you guys doing the photo pass? Is it needed for every ticket or can I buy it for only 1?

    1. Otter

      You’ve probably finished by now, but if you’re always going with the same people, only get Photopass on one of your passes.

  7. Brian


  8. LouiB

    No comment about it here, but my friend who spent hours on the phone with Disney today found out he couldn’t keep his park reservations with the new pass. As he and a group of others are going to the Magic Kingdom on October 1st and staying at Walt Disney World Hotels, and have been planning this for months not really good Disney. You would think they would have a way to make sure your reservation doesn’t cancel on a day a park is full.

  9. Dan Robinson

    Walt Disney would be shocked at the pricing to visit his dream. Walt Disney World is now officially over priced and no value for the dollars of it’s hard workering customers. Enjoyed 4 times we have been but the recent gouge had turned us away forever

  10. SG

    Crazy expensive. Add on this add on that. No 20% off. No free parking. No photoshop included.

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