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Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. M

    Petitions?! What about the #SaveSplashMountain petition that has over 91,000 compared to the 21,352 idiots that want the re-theme? Wake up Disney!!! No one wants this re-theme.

    1. Jet.Screamer

      On top of that no one has seen this movie. They could have rethemed it in so many better ways, Emperors New Groove would have been a better choice.

    2. Jordan

      I like how you said no one wants this, but you just said there were 21000 people who wanted this lol. Clearly people wanted this done and it’s not a bad thing that they change it since at least it’ll be a movie people have actually heard of. People honestly need to calm down and wait and she what’s going to happen before you lose your minds over a retheming. It’s not like they are taking out the ride all together.

      1. SlashinWithKaden2004

        We don’t like it for the ride. We like it for the theme. And on a side note, 20,000 compared to nearly 100,000 IS nothing. It’s the small minority where as we are the big majority.

        1. Jordan

          For one, you might like it for the theming, but others may just like log rides. Secondly, that still counts as people wanting, especially when you consider that not everyone signed one way or the other. Majority doesn’t really matter when it comes to doing the right thing. Sorry 😛

          1. Barb

            Doing ‘the right thing’. Hm…

          2. Aaaaaa

            The rightbthing to do is keep splash mountain the way it is.

        2. Barb

          Just added my name. Come on America. help save Splash Mountain. It’s the ‘right thing’ to do!

          1. Jordan

            Explain how it’s the right thing to do.

    3. Susan

      Absolutely!!! leave Splash Mountain the way it is the people have spoken don’t change it leave it

  2. J

    I don’t really like Song of the South Splash Mountain at Disneyparks. I am more excited about Princess and the Frog ride coming to Disneyland park Anaheim which possibly relocate into New Orleans square area instead of Critter Country and Frontierland Disney World and Disney also says that they are considering for Tokyo Disneyland soon in the future but not yet confirmed about in Japan yet. But I’m more happy that based on concept that Disney is going to also change Disneyland old life flume boat into side by side two seaters for Princess and the Frog in Disneyland park Anaheim as well. Disney already confirmed one of petition about one of person who created petition last year about retheme Splash mountain into Princess and the frog and so even these people whoever created another petition save Splash Mountain which Disney is NOT going to listen to anyone who petitioners about saving splash mountain which will not be confirm for that petition. Disney already paid and contracted and it is going to happen soon, and it will announce more about this new detail later at D23 expo at Walt Disney world this late November 2021 by announce by CEO Bob Chapek and Disney imagineers soon. As after it happened gone for Splash Mountain in Disneyparks fans lovers of Splash Mountain people cannot overpower to Disney. Even there is still be more guests still come to Disneyparks anytime even if without sign of the south splash mountain ride anyway 🙂

    1. Rick

      Actually Disneyland Tokyo is not considering it and will not be changing Splash Mountain at all. The company that runs it has refused to damage one of their most popular attractions.

      1. Barb

        Smart people!

      2. Susan

        Everything woke turns to SH-T..Leave Splash the way it is…

  3. J

    Glad that Princess and the frog ride is coming

    1. Barb

      Do you just not like Splash Mountain or are you one of those offended by it?

      1. LikeIt

        Neither. Splash is one of my favorite rides. Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite Disney animations. I’m really excited to see how they continue the story with the retheme.

  4. UOF

    Why just this attraction? Disney parks, movies and merchandise are filled with satanic symbolism. Then there’s the tie to child trafficking. Let’s clean up everything.

    1. Barb

      See the worst in everything do you?

  5. yoyo

    its the wrong movie for Frontier Land. Thats Chapek approved it. He wants everything WALT redone into a common theme park. Since he is allowing Little Mermaid to be recast as Black in the upcoming movie maybe Princess Tiana should come out as white in the scenes for this ride…. Never happen. Black people would be rioting all over the place.

    1. Barb

      I totally agree! Some people seem to think Song of the South speaks of slavery. They’ve obviously not seen it or read anything about it.

  6. Susan

    Leave Splash Mountain the way it is. attendance is down prices are too high changing things that people don’t want changed everything’s mobile order this and mobile order that Kills the Magic

  7. Disney is running out of ideas for future re themes for their attractions in the Disney Parks. I think this needs to stop because I think it was the COVID-19 cases that forced Disney to do Splash Mountain the re theme.

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