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sisu with brothers and sisters in raya and the last dragon

Credit: Disney


  1. Yajaira Irizarry

    Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde was such an innovator in visiting elementary schools and asking children to draw their dream theme park. Imagine if your dream theme park was built. People always hope to leave their mark on the world and my mark is Animal Kingdom.
    Beastly Kingdom worked out just fine in my opinion. Avatar is a great adaptation of Ferngully, which is still a favorite in my animated movie collection. I could also imagine a “The Last Unicorn” attraction since it developed classic status.

  2. Eric

    The fire and ice roller coaster at Universal Studios was originally intended for this area. The rumor is that Disney ran over budget for Animal Kingdom and was forced to cut this area. They opted for the cheaper Camp Mickey Minnie. Festival of the Lion King was originally slated to be a temporary show until they developed this land.

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