Comments for Injured Disney Cruise Line Guest Evacuated, Lifeboats Called to Scene

Lifeboat approaching cruise ship (left) / Disney Magic ship (right)

Credit: Tynemouth RNLI Instagram (Left) / Disney (Right)


  1. Heather Westbrook

    Casualty? Did they die? Gahhh! (Lol) Also, I knew someone who was lifeflighted from Honduras when we were on a cruise. They were flown back to Texas after the woman fell horribly ill with sepsis. They got a bill in the mail for the flight, it was over $25k and insurance refused any responsibility cause it was out of the US and had no pre-authorizations.

  2. Mary

    A dislocated shoulder? The doctor on board should have easily just popped it back in place! If he was a REAL doctor!?

    1. Melanie Durham

      I would never let anyone pop my shoulder back in place without versed and propofol! Plus, it’s not that easy at times to just pop a shoulder back into place! And yes I know from experience!

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