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disney hotel room pirate theme

Credit: Disney


  1. Sue

    What’s wrong with the personal touch?
    Just goes to prove Disney is apart of the NWO.

  2. Chris B

    No thank you. I’ll pass lol.

  3. CT

    I couldn’t stand my stupid Alexa at home, so I got rid of it. It kept talking when the television would say anything remotely close to she-who-shall-not-be-named! I can’t think of a worse thing to have in the room so the kids can torture us before we even wake up talking to the darn thing. I bet they can buy stuff on it too. No thanks. If I want concierge services I am happy to walk to the front desk.

  4. yoyo

    how much more money is this going to cost us greedy man chapek. No thanks!!!!!

  5. Lisabeth Crawford

    Yep another thing set up for thehearing without access for the deaf and hardof hearing. No thanks. It would not make my life easier at all

    1. CWK

      So when you and the wife are going at it in the “privacy” of your hotel room, you’ll be able to be heard and probably seen too.

  6. SG

    Hey Disney, wake me up at 7am please, bring me more coffee bags please, come clean my room now please, bring me a pepperoni pizza please….

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