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Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Pat

    We are coming Mickey!! Can’t wait!!

  2. Chris

    We arrived at Pop on 9/22 and the cafeteria style was open, it was great and even though the mobile ordering was nice, we were pleasantly happy to be back to normal.

  3. Gillian

    I was there the day cafeteria style reopened in August. They did a great job and things ran smoothly.

    1. Sue

      Us too Gillian!

  4. AD

    Thank goodness cafeteria style normal has returned to Pop, and hopefully it will return soon to all the other resorts and like locations. Mobile ordering was horrible, took much more time than waiting in a regular line, and everyone waiting for their mobil orders were all congregated in front of the food areas anyway (i.e. Pecos Bills in MK and Flametree in AK).
    Good job Pop!!

  5. Pasquale

    I’m not a fan of mobile ordering, so yes, thank you happy to have open cafeteria back

  6. Dzneefan

    THANK GOODNESS!!! Let’s hope more go to this. I hate mobile ordering.

  7. J

    I am a huge fan of every little step back into normalcy.

  8. yoyo

    See that,, hear that,,, read that Chapek. No fans of mobile ordering. Not that you plan to do much about it.

  9. Tamara Dowd

    Not a fan of mobile ordering nor buffet style where you dip in to the dishes yourself. This cafeteria style where they fill your dishes is much more sanitary. Love Pops !

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