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Disney Gavin Newsom

Credit: (Left) Disney/(Right) Office of the Governor


  1. Harry

    Ha stupid people get stupid prizes

  2. Chris

    Why would they do something so stupid?

    Newsom had to go, which will also end his aspirations to run for POTUS……he would be awful.

  3. Board members should have a vote of no confidence for their leadership. Covid lock down cost for the Disney Company was $2.5 billion. Disney is charging their customers for this with no perks and increased prices. Gavin’s draconian lock downs was a big factor in that cost. Disneyland reopened last. Florida did not require them to close; they did that voluntarily. Now Disney is giving money to Gavin’s campaign. What is the logic there? Glad I don’t have stock in them. I hope Larry Elder wins; if he doesn’t California can blame themselves.

    1. Haley

      Florida is a cesspool, with covid being covered up. Look at them now

  4. MM

    This makes no sense! Reward the person that cost you billions with the extended lockdowns? Wow, just wow…

  5. Jake

    Yeah, that’s nice, but I’m pretty certain Newsom is going to lose anyway. Californians of ALL political backgrounds are sick of the hypocrisy and corruption associated with Gavin Newsom.

    And if Newsom somehow isn’t recalled, then California (along with Disney) deserves everything that they get from this corrupt authoritarian, including his lust for economy-crushing lockdowns.

    1. Bryana

      bet? nope Gavin Newsom is winning soooo you’re wrong bud

    2. Jake

      Sorry you’re in a bubble

  6. Christina

    As part of my support for the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ll be voting for the black candidate running against Newsom: Larry Elder!! He’ll be the first black governor of California, which is super exciting to think about!! 😀 <3

  7. M

    The level of stupidity of this company is off the charts. #SaveSplashMountain

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