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  1. EricJ

    So, just bringing up to speed:
    Do we have…ANY…evidence a Fantastic Four movie even exists, at any stage, besides “Look! A big ‘4’!”?

  2. Robert Szemeti

    Brad pitt, would be a far better human torch, than a doctrine doom, and both actors are fairly old, so an older imagined version of the family would be cool, it would give them a bit of weight being a scientific super team, not being kids from college, like the previous incarnation, i’d like to see hugh jackman as doctor doom, i could see him and George be heavyweight enemies.
    Add in Dwayne Johnson voicing the Thing (aka the Rock), and Betty Gilpin or Jodie Comer or maybe someone older to play sue, im also a fan of the Kransinksi/Blunt fan casting

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