Bonus Reservations Now Available For Disney World Annual Passholders

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The Walt Disney World Resort recently reimagined its Annual Pass program ahead of the 50th anniversary celebration.

As a part of this reimagined Annual Passholder Program, Passholders now have access to special “bonus reservations” here is what you need to know about this exciting new offering!

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Many things at the Walt Disney World changed once the Resort reopened after an unprecidented closure caused by the pandemic. Guests must make an advanced online reservation in addition to having a valid addmission ticket in order to enter the theme parks. These online reservations are called Park Pass Reservations.

In Disney’s new Annual Pass program at Walt Disney World, Guests have access to more or less Park Pass Reservations depending on their tier of Annual Pass. The higher your Annual Pass costs, the more Park Pass Reservations you can make. However, you can also make a “bonus reservation” that will not count towards your Park Pass Reservation limit, and is available to every Annual Passholder regardless of what Pass you hold.

Disney World Bonus Reservations
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You can see from the photo above the Park Pass reservation calander for Annual Passholders for the month of September. The stars are bonus reservation days that you can snag an extra Park Pass and not have it count towards your alloted Park Pass Reservations for your Annual Pass!

These bonus reservations are even available if you have not yet upgraded your Annual Pass to one of Disney World’s new four Annual Passes.

WDW Annual Passes
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It is important to remember that even if you have not upgraded your Annual Pass to one of the new offerings, you will still be eligible to make more Park Pass Reservations than before. How many you can make depends on your Annual Pass type, you can read more details about that here.

The bonus reservations are a big perk for Annual Passholders as they can help you visit the theme parks more! Bonus Reservations are available NOW, so be sure and book one before they are gone! We do know that bonus reservation days will be consistantly updated so keep checking the Park Pass Reservations calander for up to date information.

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There is one other way for Disney World Annual Passholders to unlock more Park Pass Reservations, and that is to stay at a Disney World hotel. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World hotel you will have access to Park Pass Reservations for the days you are staying on property. These are also in additon to your alloted Park Pass Reservations.

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Let us know if you will be using the bonus reservation in the comments below!

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