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Bob Chapek Disney Genie

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  1. Jason

    This guy is out of touch. They are consistently ruining what made Disney magical for decades.

    1. Lynn Selmser

      Agreed. I go several times a year. I am in my 70s and know what I want to see. I dont need a planner or the extra expense now imposed by a company so greedy that Walt Disney would not recognize it.

  2. M

    Fire Chapek!!!! #SaveSplashMountain

    1. Sue

      Agreed! There is zero reason to change splash mountain.

      1. Phoebe L Ho


  3. frostysnowman

    I’m glad this is going into effect after my trip. I’m coming to terms with the fact that this might be my last one, at least for a long time, because as much as I love Disney it’s simply becoming too expensive.

    1. George

      Look at him smiling. Another huge cash grab and he is trying to make it look like we will like having our pockets picked.
      This is getting out of hand. We can go many other places for far less money. Next trip is to an Island.

  4. William Burns

    Another money grab! Fast Passes were definitely the better way to go and they were free! And now they have “paused” the que for Rise of the Resistance making Genie+ mandatory!

    1. Lisamarie Sanchez

      I was an Annual Passholder for years. I have not purchased the new Key Pass. I want to know if the photo pass and new Genie + will be included at no cost as it was in the past.

      1. THX1138

        “Genie is what Genie is”
        Did he just quote Forest Gump?
        Stand in line, wait you’re turn!
        Pass it on.

      2. Mike

        New annual passes will not include photopasses. It is an additional 99 bucks as an add on. The Disney genie thingy is an add on to the my Disney experience app.

      3. May

        Genie+ is not included in the new Key pass, not even for the most expensive one. You just have to pay per day. Another hidden price increase that’s not obvious at first sight. That’s why Disneyland guests aren’t complaining. They don’t notice this.

      4. Tracy

        We are a big Disney family. Our children are now young adults and we still love going to the parks. We also have always stayed on Disney property ( value resorts only) but now that Fastpass is gone and Extra Magical hours are for Deluxe Resort guests only, we may never return. I am very hurt that they are offering park perks to the rich who don’t need any perks…. They can afford to pay to skip the lines through everything in life!!!

        1. Htk

          That’s funny, because someone who can’t afford to stay at any Disney hotel or even regularly go to Disney like your family is saying the same thing about you. In essence what you are saying is that anyone who has more than YOU, should pay more than you. Liberalism is indeed a pestilence.

    2. Lori

      Half the fun of going is being spontaneous. I don’t need an app to tell me what to do or where to go.

  5. Ha

    “Bob Chapek: Disney Genie Will Improve Disney’s Profit Margins”

    There. Fixed it.

    1. Tlaw

      “Bob Chapek: Disney Genie Will Improve Everyone’s Visit” Spending such that my bonus will be even higher than before, suckers!

  6. Marybeth

    Who wrote this article. That system they are talking about is ancient. That’s not the fast pass system they got rid of. Get your facts straight. It was all app based and you can pick 180 days out. Also, who was chapek listening too? Nobody wants this.

    1. yoyo

      I think greedy man Chapek and his henchmen are delusional. No one appears happy about picking one ride at a time, paying for it and keeping face in phone all day… I agree, nobody wants this. Fastpass was perfect and free and 180 days out and 3 rides at a time.

      1. Anny

        Going to the park has gotten so expensive I can’t afford it anymore. I always bought an annual pass and went 2-3 times a year, usually taking a grandchild. Chapek is only about the money and doesn’t care about the Magic.

        1. Tracy

          Agreed and well said! All about the money and not about the magic…. Well, magic only rich kids can afford

      2. RuthieBK

        And I don’t really want to get up at 7am on holiday to book a ride – I feel sorry for those families with special needs children who need to plan ahead

    2. Mike

      Chapek has become the guy who basically wants to make more money, appease the crybabies and suck up to the PC weirdos and overly sensitive glass dolls. Calling for changes on rides because of cultural insensitivity when there isn’t any of that at all. Premier access is an overglorified rental and not worth it. They don’t care about breaching contracts, they are overall only after money at this point.

    3. Marybeth, I think you need to get YOUR facts straight, 3 fast passes were available 60 days out if staying on property, 30 days out if off property. 180 days out for dining reservations

      1. mike

        Yup !

  7. Julian Herring

    Bob Chapek is delusional, and the Disney Board should make a stand and remove him, unless they too are brain washed by so much bull.

    Disney has taken so much away from its customers over the recent years, but not dropped the prices to compensate, oh unless Bob Chapek thinks Genie will do it, Hey Bob guess again. You are fooling no one. Disney Board grow some balls and remove the magic haters and get Disney back on track with what you were doing just a few years ago. My family and I stay on property, but with so many price increases and cash grabs, next years holiday will be my last on property, I’ll move to Universal, the hotels are cheaper and quite frankly seem better quality. When I do this Disney will only get 3 to 4 days of my holiday cash, rather than the 14 days they have enjoyed.

    Disney most of your Customers are not stupid, stop treating us as though we are, sadly you Bob and your team have been killing the magic and its just not worth what you are asking for what is provided, sad so very sad.

  8. ChadMC

    Genie will help increase Disney profits!!

    As for guests – just stay stuck in your phone ALL DAY LONG. Who needs to to look at things when you are being directed to keep your phone in your face the entire day. Who needs attractions anymore when the whole experience will be on your phone?

    Not everyone wants to stay buried in their phone all day long. So lines are long…so what! If a line is too long for someone’s taste, they need not stand in it. Simple. Move on. Done. Having to consult your phone with every single step you take, not even able to order food without being tethered to your phone is shameful. Not everyone has a smartphone, nor does everyone want to be buried in it the entire time they are there. I like to disconnect when at Disney and generally shut the phone off. So much for entering a magical world and leaving reality behind for a while.

    1. Thea

      I pick up a paper map and only want to use my phone for finding the other members of my party. Genie offers me nothing I want.

    2. SueSwift

      My thoughts EXACTLY!!!! I don’t need/want to be looking at my phone all of the time.

      BTW – I was at the Polynesian today at WDW and the app was erratic all day. Couldn’t get our room number and couldn’t order lunch. Castmembers said it was a common problem – too many people using the app at the same time and wi-fi not being able to handle the volume. How exactly is this going to work with everybody on the entire property checking in on it every 5 minutes?


  9. DisGreed

    The only one who will find this enjoyable is Disney. They’ll be grabbing more money from the guests for a watered down experience. I have been a die hard Disney fan for years, blindingly turning a blind eye to the greed and satanic symbolism used in their products. I’m ashamed of myself. No more. I’ve moved on from Disney which hasn’t been easy. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow that doesn’t no longer includes Disney.

  10. Karem

    As so many have stated it’s good for Disney not for us who they expect to pay for these services. Disney is not the happiest place on earth anymore. All they are is a money hungry machine that won’t stop until we as consumers force their hands. With the die hard fans that will not happen anytime soon. Walt I’m sure is turning in his grave at what they have done to his beloved Disneyland. For them it’s profits above anything else. We don’t matter unless we are shelling out money for things that were once free. Shame on Disney

    1. I totally agree It’s a real shame what they have done to the Magic of staying and visiting Disney. I think Walt would be sooo disappointed! They have taken all the perks away So why bother staying on property? I also think they are weeding out and just want the upper classes to visit. Shame on all of you!

  11. Leslie

    Seems like I’m in the minority but I CAN’T WAIT for Genie+. We will be there in mid-November after 2 years away because of COVID. I think it sounds awesome and will maximize my trip experience. I will pay whatever they charge to get on Rise of the Resistance. I do not have unlimited money, but what a great opportunity to be guaranteed a spot! Right? I can’t be the only one who feels this way…

    1. Julian Herring

      Sorry so not right, the Rise of the Resistance should be for all, but Disney made a ride that cannot handle the traffic wanting to use it, so there answer instead of better planning is to charge you even more… I pay on the gate I expect to at least ride some of the rides without having to be stuck in a phone, you know in the good old days you went to a ride you queued and got on the ride, without having to have my face constantly stuck in my phone, I want to escape from that for a few hours and enjoy the experience, but this is not possible in Disney anymore. Bad Planner and Cash Grabbers these days could be mistaken for be called Disney Imagineer’s. Sorry I feel your frustration but Genie is nothing more than a Cash Grab.

    2. THX1138


  12. donna m bailey

    I am a dvc member,we used to some adavantages over others that came free of charge because we own there.we now have nothing, to confusing to try to go to a park for seniors, to expensive, dont have a smart phone with internet service,now have to pay for wrist band just to get in your apartment. Stop the crap disney,your no longer worth all your fees and charges.you ruined a great yearly vacation now I am stuck with a vacation contract that is getting more worthless everyday.without magical express difficulty even getting there. Dont drive.keep lining your pockets by screwing those who made disney .you sir repulsive to disneylovers.

    1. Julian Herring

      I agree totally with Donna, we work hard and save to get a Disney Holiday every year with exception of Covid, coming from England and staying on property the price hikes and additional charges (cash grabs), it simply is not worth it, as you say we have loved going, next year will be my last staying on property as its not worth my hard earned cash and that pains me to say as we have loved staying on site. We will move over to Universal and give them ago the hotels are less expensive and certainly better quality. So until Disney step up their game and think about their customer base instead of taking everyone’s money for what they can get, we will move on.

  13. rroe

    Bob Paycheck made these comments while recently sitting in his new 12 million dollar mansion that all of us just paid for. Not anymore till Paycheck leaves.

    1. yoyo

      I agree,, get out Chapek. You have driven disney far enough into the hole of hell. Consumers have control????? It looks like either Chapek is a liar or genie going away and back to magic bands, disney dining, parades, character meet and greets…
      Chapek is a liar trying to make himself look good.

      1. Mark

        I totally agree. He reminds me of all the Dems who said you HAVE to wear a mask and can’t have social gatherings, then the same people get caught with no mask on and at a party. Smile Bob, Disney fans hate your guts along with the board who kisses your bald a$$. I have a trip booked next month. It will be my last trip to a Disney park because of how you’ve destroyed the last big of magic with your wokeness and greed. We already cancelled our Disney cruise and won’t come back. You better lose your attitude Bob. You greedy little shi+

  14. Donald Neidig

    Get rid of Chapek which they will and bring back Iger who was patron friendly. Chapek has done away free Fastpass, luggage service, Magical Express, free magic bands, raised room prices, doubled Holiday Party price and all to say thank you for 50 years of coming to Disney? As someone else said a cash grab.

  15. Wayne L Trapp

    It is just a shame how Disney jas taken advantage of the pandemic to line their pockets. What is really telling is Chapek actually believes this is what Disney regulars want. The regulats are the ones spending the most money and they, to include me, are beginning to turn to other options. Disney has gotten rid of two things that made the Disney magic happen before stepping on property. Disney’s Magical express and all that came with that is gone. Now, planning and selecting fast passes prior to arrival to an on property resort is gone. These are the things that made Disney so much more than a regular vacation.

    My family used to routinely go twice a year for a week at a time from Maryland. We even had an AP. Not anymore. Oh, and do not forget the fact that they have limited discounts for resort stays for certain periods of the year. We would look for thos 35% off packages or even 40% off for AP holders. Can’t find them anymore.

    Last year we started renting a house on the OBX and we are now going to spend our money elsewhere. We may visit every 3 or 4 years, but nowhere as much as we have in the last.

    Chapek, you have ruined Disney’s once feasible (although still expensive) business model. You need to go.

    1. michael

      Amazing everything you said except for renting house & ever going back is us, we’re even from Maryland & got married at the WDW Yacht Club! December will be our last time since we have a lot of prepaid stuff ( dvc point resort rental, park tickets & things we didn’t use in December 2020). The Magic is gone as are we.

  16. Debbie

    He believes this. Has he ever spent a week in a resort with kids? Sorry they don’t follow a schedule. Don’t know when the melt down will happen months before sitting at home. Swim and a nap

  17. VDog

    You would really think that with all of the anti-Chaepek and anti-“woke Disney” hate going around along with the covid fears that are still a thing, the parks would be a ghost town. And yet, they seem more packed than ever! What gives??

    1. May

      It is a ghost town right now, but starting from Oct 1 it’s going to be packed because of the 50th.

    2. May

      People don’t like having to pay more, but they will still go because there’s nowhere else to be. Disney is the only vacation destination worth going.

      1. Julian Herring

        Problem is May, its not worth going to anymore, the magic is gone and the Cash Grabbers are in. They don’t care about you or I, unless we hand over cash, not going to happen. Besides there is Universal, Sea World, Bush Gardens, Kennedy Space Centre etc, plenty of other great choices.

  18. yoyo

    Greedy man Chapek needs to do us all a favor and resign. The board is obviously as corrupt as he is. They aren’t listening because they don’t really care what fans have to say. If genie so great why not give people a choice. Fastpass, pick three rides 180 days out, or genie, pick one ride at 7 in the morning the day of park. I liked not having to get money out. Put dining plan on band. Walk up and scan. Now have to dig for money as I am not fooling with phone except required rides. Chapek sucks and is not listening.

    1. JW

      Also having to rely on my cellphone even more is not convenient. Magic bands are great, but Disney seems to be making a concerted effort to phase them out.. not much selection and pricing is ridiculousm

  19. yoyo

    Giving a choice through the end of the year. Call it a test run. See how many people are on board with this phone thing. Band so easy. walk up and scan. go to kiosk and scan more rides. Easy peasy. They won’t do this due to looking like fools when people opt for the magic bands.

    1. JW

      This is going to be a very expensive mess. Unfortunately the people who hold all the power at Disney don’t care. A Disney vacation (even the planning) used to be so exciting and magical. Now with all the cuts and added expenses, it’s just a money grab. Disney has always been more expensive, but the perks made it worthwhile for me. Chapek, etc., has got to go.

  20. Enlightened

    I’ve come to learn that whatever any politician or Scroogey CEO says, assume the opposite. I’m not a fan of Genie+. Not only do we have to pay for things that were once free, but you can only get a new FP once you’ve used the last, versus the 2 hrs previously if the return time was longer than that.

    But I’ve also gotta blame millenials, the ones who eagerly fork over the money they’re desperately going to need in the future. Disney could put out a plastic turd with sparkly Mickey ears and they’ll take off work and run over anyone in their way, to spend $80 on it. And don’t get me started on the free advertising they give the park via vlogging. Funny how in less than 50 years time, the masses now marvel at the one, the only, the wondrous…purple wall. Surely Disney’s best, ever.

  21. Catriona

    I believe they’re doing this in order to bring back some of the profit lost during the pandemic, so they think, however, many people will not want to pay even more for such a service.
    We live in Italy and recently went to Gardaland. They do have a paid fastpass system (which we did not use) but they also have an app which we had to download to join “virtual queues” for the bigger rides, reducing waiting times. Perhaps it will be like that.

  22. SG

    He’s smiling because he’s coming into more of our money.
    The Genie app is nothing new. The current app does all that except there’s no buying into the Lightning Lane so you bully your way to the front of the line, as we used to say “Hey! No cutting!”

  23. Tlaw



    1. yoyo


    2. Mark


  24. Donna

    Let’s take stock here…the hotels are already higher priced than off-site hotels, and certainly no better, since the recent remodels of so many have stripped themeing down to a bare minimum. They have taken away Extra Magic Hours for all resort guests and limited it to Deluxe resorts only, except for a token 30 minutes before opening. The Dining Plans are gone. Magical Express is going away. Free parking is a thing of the past. Fastpass is gone. Masks. You have to reserve absolutely everything. Free Magic Bands? Gone. I am so glad/sad I visited back in the golden days when all of the above was included for resort guests. Glad, because I got to see it when. Sad, because it’s gone…probably forever. I can’t believe this is what Walt Disney had in mind.

  25. mike

    Only thing this improves is shareholder profits & at the same time prices trips out of reach for the the people they claim to be diversifying for or are they just trying to avoid protests at the gate ? By the way Chap, lose the African American appropriated shaved head, it does nothing for you lol.

  26. Sue

    Reading through all the comments.
    Let’s get something straight. Bob Iger moved from being the CEO to a member of the board; he is a bigger problem than Bob Chapek.
    With that being said both of them need to resign and move on. Let the cast members, who are “on the ground” take over; they know better.

  27. yoyo


  28. Randy W

    Going once more next August with the kids, but more like a last hurrah, or like going to grandma’s wake and looking at all the fun times of the past in photos. One final send off for the kids before they grow up. Likely by the time they are adults, Florida will be under the sea. Bringing back 10,000 leagues might be the only ride that could last…

    1. Dland56

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gret comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣 about the 10,000 leagues part 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Disappointed about all the price hikes on everything, gonna find out for myself in february, i hope it is a ghost town, then i wont need genie+ and do my usual “walk at my own pace” and have a grand ole time

  30. Barb304

    I new there had to be a lot of others who feel the way I do about what’s happening at Disney. I am a WDW fanatic and have been since my first visit there in the very early days when all that was there was the Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary! I’ve watched it grow and change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. What’s happening right now is definitely NOT for the better, at least not for the ‘guys and girls’ who work hard for their money and just want to be able to spend a fantasy vacation at WDW! The real problem here is greed, it has taken over and is bringing our country down! I fear one of these days I will wake up and find we’ve become just another ‘third world nation’ with only the very, very rich and the very, very poor.

  31. Dland56

    Don’t get mad at Chapec, get mad at the people WHO KEEP PAYING FOR ALL OF THESE THINGS NO MATTER WHAT. THEY’RE the REAL PROBLEM. It’s the PEOPLE WHO ONLY WANT WHAT THEY WANT. IF they can buy it at ANY PRICE, THEY WILL & NOT CARE ABOUT THE ONES WHO CAN’T. THEY’RE THE REAL PROBLEM. Chapec is just adding fuel to the fire 🔥

  32. Matthew Brewster

    If only Diz had listened to me when I offered my CompuTour system, back in 1990! It would have offered everything the “Genie” is doing- plus much, MUCH MORE!!!

  33. May

    I won’t be using the Disney Genie. I don’t need anything or anybody to tell me what to do at Disney.

    I will be buying the Genie+ if parks look crowded. I will not pay for Lightning Lane individual rides, that’s an extra $100 per ride, too steep for my taste.

  34. Bren

    So many of you are complaining about paying more, saying this is going to be my last trip. Then saying this isn’t what Walt had wanted. Glad to know you’re still going to go to WDW, spend the money on a trip that you could cancel right now, and then come back to complain some more. Either you’re done with their cash grab, or you’re supporting their theory of they can cash grab all they want, and the peasants will still come and spend their money like a fool. Quit griping if you’re still going. You don’t deserve to gripe and moan if you’re still planning the trip to go later this year, early next year, heck one said August of 2022! So if you’re still going, then Disney hears you loud and clear. Get ready, next they’ll charge for their “complimentary” transportation to the parks, or who knows maybe put coin slots on all the restroom stalls. Either way, don’t moan when they do because you are showing them they can charge out the arse, give less of an experience, crappy service, and the people will still come. LOL! You all are a hoot!

    1. Julian Herring

      Bren some people, from outside the USA at least, have had past holidays put back because of Covid and the like, and these holidays have been moved because of the on going Pandemic, these changes were not even around when we booked our holiday, so you will excuse me for griping, our holiday in Disney was paid for in 2019 via Virgin Holidays, and sadly will be our last on Disney Property, you need to think before you go off on one, if I cancel now I loose more money. Disney should be ashamed and it won’t be too long before they see there profits drop, not everyone is a sucker and it will hit their margin in the end.

      1. Ruthie BK

        Same with us, Julian. We had saved for a long time and were going from the UK in 2020 – We had to postpone or lose lots of money (that we couldn’t afford to lose). The only good thing going for our trip is that it will be within the 50th celebrations.

  35. Jan

    When I go to WDW I don’t want to have my face in my phone. I want to see everything around me and I want to walk up to a Quick Serve and get a burger/hot dog or snack without having to go on my phone first! We went to Yak and Yeti and were handed a little bitty card for the entire table to use! I asked for a menu so I could see what I wanted. I hate reading a phone.
    I use my phone for calls only at WDW so I can enjoy all around me. I can’t tell you how many people are walking and suddenly stop in front of me because they have to check their phone! Then they complain about getting hit by scooters!

  36. Rob

    I agree with everything everyone is saying but many seem to be talking like Genie is mandatory. Am I missing something? I thought the normal standby lines will still be there for everything other than the couple of rides with boarding passes? If you want to switch off your phone, be spontaneous and join a queue you are still free to do so.

  37. Marie Wyke

    I have to be on a schedule at work, WHY would I want to be on a schedule while on my vacation!!! This article is so out of touch with the people, he needs to be fired!

  38. Dave

    We got rid of Michael Eisner so let’s get rid of Bob Chapel also some of the board members should go. We can also cut back on our spending on Disney merchandise and park visits. I’m a stock holder with $ 35m +. Yes it will cost me but you have to make a stand .

    1. Brian Ingelson

      I too am a stock holder (albeit no where close to your holdings) but also a long term supporter of the company. Between moving thousands of employees to Florida from California, the poor management of new policies, the lack of dividends, the ill will rising from the consumers who have been some of the most loyal but who are faltering, and the extreme criticism now being leveled at Disney means Chapel needs to go before the brand is completely destroyed. He is the wrong person, at the wrong company, at a very vulnerable time. He needs to be fired!

  39. As a DVC member for 27 years with over 100 trips into the World, I am feed up with the greed that has taken over Disney properties. From eliminating fast passes to even charging now to view fire works from resorts by adding deserts for a seat at $50 or more, Disney has taken all fun out of visits. We now get premade sandwiches from commissaries instead of ordering something fresh, so disappointing. Former annual pass holder is leaving the Disney family soon. Points for sale

  40. Phoebe L Ho

    Not. Doing. This.

  41. Michael Houck

    Bob Paycheck sure tells a good story. He should begin every press release with, “Once upon a time in a land far, far away”. Everything he says is nothing more than a fairy tale. Problem is, he is the antagonist and doesn’t know it. He has to go, but his board won’t let him. Their wallets are getting fatter with each “reimaging” he does.

  42. Dale

    Chapek – The guy who killed the golden goose ! Also, umtil people stop throwing their money at Disney. the greed will continue. Send a message to The Disney Co. boycott all things Disney, until the money grab ends.

  43. Mark

    The goal of going on a vacation is to have fun and disconnect. Disney Cruise Line has an app as well. We DO NOT want apps. We do not want to carry our phones. We want the service and quality we expect that we no longer get.

  44. Jan

    Why does he keep saying how much this Disney Genie is going to improve our experience? Everything that this “free” service does is already available in the My Disney Experience app. It’s not new!

  45. Barb304

    How out of touch is this guy? When I’m on vacation I want to be spontaneous rather having to choose a time and place to be! I miss the good old days when you bought your ticket, I always went with the park hopper, entered the park of your choice and had fun. I’ve been to WDW about 40 times and thank God on all those trips it was pure spontaneity and fun!

  46. jo

    It really only has to be used for rides. I am not using it for anything else. Its to complicated and I already have my days planned as far as shows and cavalcades. This times are online. I am not eating at a restaurant due to paying for rides. Eat popcorn, ice cream from food trucks. Eat away from Disney so I can afford it. Really gonna miss Germany. Pecos Bill.

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