Comments for Marvel’s Recast Black Widow May Make MCU Return Next Year

yelena belova (left) and natasha romanoff (right) in black widow

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Chris

    I don’t really consider a voice actor doing the role in animation as “re-cast”. Additional casting, maybe?

  2. Holly

    On tv(cartoon version, etc)the voice really doesn’t count as a “recasting”. Now, if you change her in the movie itself, then it would be. That would suck since she has done a great job in all of them so far.

  3. Devin

    I don’t care if the character gets recast in the live action appearances as long as the actress picked is super sexy, intelligent with great acting skills like Johansson and they keep the sexualized aspects of the character as that is part of what makes her an awesome character.

    1. Alex

      You are disgusting.

      1. Jill

        Why? Men like women. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. If it ain’t Scarlett Johanson, then i dont want it

  5. Why do your need to know?

    Well she kinda shot herself in the foot with the lawsuit

  6. Liho

    It doesn’t bother me that they have a different voice actress for the animation and I don’t consider that a recasting but if she doesn’t get the sequel to the live movie them Disney did her a disservice twice. Disney should have renegotiated her contract instead of breaching the contract and them being jerks about it afterwards.

    1. Liho


  7. Rah

    I love ScarJo as Black Widow. She is superb as Black Widow not sure who can replace her after seeing her do such a good job after all these years. Disney fix her contract.

    1. There taking about the voice actress not a recast for live action

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