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ahsoka and r2-d2 vs asajj ventress

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    I hope so much to see in an animated or live action series, Ahsoka Tano as soon as she leaves the Jedi Order, seeing Asajj Ventress again and teaming up with her on a mission before the events of “The Clone Wars Gone With A Trace” or even after.

  2. Kevin

    Asajj is arguably the most complex character in Star Wars canon.
    It’s disappointing that she was excluded from TCW final season,and equally so that articles like this are few and far between.

    1. Haddr

      She was excluded because she was dead.

  3. Haddr

    The author clearly mm emotions Aasajj died by Dooku’s hands during the clone wars…so there is no way she can pop up on any of the current shows.

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