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web slingers

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  1. Last time my family and I were at Disneyland California Adventure and WEB Slingers was closed until almost park closing and our boarding group didn’t called until about 8:00pm. I feel WEB Slingers always has a problem

  2. Jane

    My family was at California Adventure on July 15. We only had one day at the park. We were lucky enough to get into the queue at 12 PM. When our boarding time came up we saw that the line was not moving much. We spent at least an hour if not more to hear that the ride had broken down at least 2x during that time and they weren’t sure how much longer it would be down. We opted to get out of line since we had limited time there. A BIG disappointment.

  3. Mike R

    Waited over an hour in line after dealing w digital queue, a woman fainted in line in front of us. When we finally get on, the ride breaks down after the doors shut us in the car but before the ride starts. Nobody told us anything, it actually took us a few minutes to realize what had happened and we waited for about ten minutes until my 9yr old daughter had to use the restroom badly (for the 3rd time since weve been waiting). The workers are 3 feet from us, i can see them when i lean forward out the front window of the ride and hear them talking to each other. Theres also maintenance men walking by like we dont exist. I begin saying “hey hey whats going on?” And they just yell back “sir stay seated” and i say “actually we need to get off the ride, my daughter has to use the restroom”. They literaly told me “no, you cannot get off the rode, we cannot open the doors, you have to wait till they fix it”

    So we waited a few more minutes, now my daughter is crying, im pleading w the workers (who i could almost touch if i wanted to) and they are insisting they can do nothing to help us

    So i say “open the car or ill climb out and remove myself” which honestly isnt dangerous, the platform is right there, and the maintenance guys are clearly walking in the same area

    The worker again says she cant and i persist and she suddenly cones up w a set of keys to put into the control panel to open the door and let us off the ride

    It was basically kidnapping and it was horrifying. Forget not being able to ride the ride on the last day of our trip…

    When i conplaines to guest services, all they focused on was how OUR actions had caused the ridetime to be down even longer…!

    I was so livid, I was an annual pass holder for years and years and this put a serious bad taste in my mouth.

    They also refused to let us back on the ride after it was up saying that it was the cast members decision due to our own choice to put ourselves in harms way

    Which is also a retaliatory crock, because what i did, any parent would do to protect their child from a traumatic experience

    Disney should do better.

    This attraction is not ready for the mainstream and they know it from the top down

    I heard we didnt miss much TBH but still, kind of crushed a bit of the Disney Magic for me. For the rest of the day, All I could think about was how bummed Walt would be with how they handled it

  4. Yazmin SAENZ

    It’s a great ride. The bad side of this is that they call your group like 2and 1/2 hours in advance, and make you waste a lot of time waiting in line. They should call groups when the line is not a long. I would think that was the purpose of virtual line. We were in line for another ride, when they called our group, so we had to leave that line and go spent the rest of our day making a bigo line to be able to get on the Spiderman ride. Kids were tired and one even fell sleep before getting to the ride, not worth the wait. Also, lots of rides are closed, no parades or shows because of COVID, but everyone is packed everywhere else. Price is the same even though not all the atractions are open.

  5. CMC

    Generally when I go to Disney, the last thing i want to do is be buried in my phone. Unfortunately now that seems to be impossible. All these virtual queues and park reservations and mobile ordering of everything is not only profit-increasing, but magic-taking.

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