Comments for Woman Arrested After Punching Guest at VelociCoaster in Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal


  1. Me

    The ride was officially opened in June, this happened a month after the grand opening.

  2. Kaya

    I don’t condone violence but entitled pricks that love to cut line pisses me off too. Then he had the audacity to have an open container in his backpack that would have spilled somewhere else in the line too if it hadn’t been on the guest behind him.

    1. Linda Camacho

      You’re making a lot of assumptions about the man. His sister was already in line. Stop and think whether you would have done the same thing. And no, an open drink is not a good idea at all.

      1. Raymond Jo

        An open hand slap would’ve been a better idea.

    2. Bob

      I don’t care of he cut in front of you. This isn’t grade school. Grow the hell up and handle it like someone that can actually exist in a functional society, not this primordial caveman territorial crap.

      1. Htk

        The only fights I have seen in the parks have all involved attacks from blacks.

        1. Raymond Jo

          Then your an idiot who needs to get out more.

          1. Robyn

            How many whites or Asians have you seen arrested at DL or SDW for physically fighting with other patrons?

        2. Robyn

          I agree. There are truly certain people who do not understand that how you behave with your homes in your hood on the corner is not acceptable behavior ANY WHERE else. Certain people, literally do not have the capabilities or the desire to either respect a civil society or be a part of it. Blame it on what you want, call me a racist, blah, blah but denying reality does not change the facts. Ignoring, pretending and denying that there is a very serious problem in every predominate black community concerning ethics, values, civility, speech, language, communication, etc. Only serves to excuse, exacerbate and fuel the problem. Allowing or excusing that behavior because a person is a different race is in fact the very definition of RACISM. Sad…


      I was inline At Disneyland. All of a sudden the rope goes up and 15 people start coming in. The girl that was in front of us says they are with me. I turned around and yelled anyone else want to cut inline? My son and I just got out of line and left. One of the line cutters yelled . “sorry you can get in front of us” At six flags it says cutting a line can lead to expulsion from the park.

      1. Vincent

        He wasn’t cutting in line, she was holding his place while he went off to either buy something, go to the bathroom etc. We do this all the time. Obviously this got out of control very quickly and I can understand the misunderstanding. Sounds like just an unfortunate circumstance on both parts that could have been handled better, in the end who gives a crap who gets in line in front of you. There are worse things in life!!!

      2. Jim

        The rules say that at Disney too, but I’ve never seen it enforced, or even a Cast Member Doing ANYTHING about it

  3. ME

    I hope they give that b!tch the maximum sentence and maximum fine for a misdemeanor battery, hell, go ahead and chalk it up to felony battery! Stupid, entitled people!

    1. Illegal from new york. needs to be quarentined in prison for 14 days. then deported back to new york. Didn’t see her wearing a mask.

  4. Small Bladder 52

    Who has not been in line with a kid and the wait is for 2 hours to ride a coaster when a bladder feels like it is going to pop because you are staying hydrated in the hot summer sun. Are you telling me that you have never had that experience before? Plus it was not like it was an entire family. It seems to be one person and if it is only one or two, I understand bathroom breaks need to happen unless you may want to sit in a wet spot on the coaster. I think they need to put small restrooms in the longer lines for this reason. Just saying.

  5. Rachel Winiecki

    Seems as though if you don’t know how to act in public maybe you should just stay home. Maybe shell learn to control herself after a hefty fine.

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