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  1. A.D.

    I’m confused. Does the fast pass system at universal also cost more money on a daily ticket? This is possibly the most hypocritical post I’ve ever seen by universal. They are literally doing the same thing.

    1. Rick

      What is hypocritical is the fact that they consider this news worthy… “throwing shade”? Who the hell writes garbage like this? Universal didn’t insult or mention Disney or Genie+. As far as the whole three wishes go….Disney doesn’t own the rights nor created that concept….the book did. People talked about genies and wishes long before Disney adapted a popular book into a cartoonish weak joke. Get off your high horse.

    2. Trent

      The fast pass system at Universal does cost more, but it is better because it drastically reduces wait times, and it is for every ride, for multiple rides. At least that is my understanding.

      1. DianeMRL

        There are certain rides that are not included in Uni pass, like Hagrid’s Motor Bike

    3. yoyo

      with universal you pay the universal + but then you ride what you want when you want. You don’t have to ride one ride then get your phone out to find another ride and time. Universal you pay and then just ride whatever. Way better at Universal. NO face in your phone one ride at a time.

      1. Kodi

        Yes but if it’s a pass holders Express pass, you can only use it on rides that have the option for Express pass, which is never a new ride, and rarely a high demand ride. And you can only use it once per visit,and only after 4 PM. You can get an unlimited Express pass, but that is not cheap and it’s on top parking and admission. I’ve only ever seen non-pass holders do unlimited cause that’s the only time it makes sense to have it.

  2. EricJ

    At the moment, I don’t hear that much complaining about the Genie app ITSELF, apart from just wildly misdirected anger at the Plus-subscription (all online services now have a mania for “plus” subscriptions) that make fans pay for Formerly Known as FastPasses.
    Which, yes, is a big fat mistake, and probably the one thing we’ll see changed within six months, now that it’s become a mainstream punchline in news and late-night shows, and giving aid and comfort to non-fans who want to whine about “Expensive Disney”. I’m guessing they didn’t expect it to get the blowup it did.

    But c’mon, guys, if you punish the Innocent, the Guilty go free…

    1. I am a BIG fan of WDW but I really liked using the MaxPass at Disneyland a few years ago. $15/day is pretty reasonsble compared to Universal Express, and I like not having to decide what park I want to visit & what rides I want fast passes for 2 months before my trip. It gives everyone, not just the super organized, an equal chance at
      Some of the e-ticket rides. Not crazy about paying extra for the newest or “super” popular rides, and I’m sure the price will go up, but for now…if we could just get rid of those pesky park reservations!

  3. Dan

    To be fair Express isn’t accepted at Universal’s 2 most popular rides.

  4. Paul

    Universal looks pretty stupid tweeting this when they charge $70 a day!

    1. Julie

      If you purchase Universal’s Platinum Pass (in Hollywood) it comes with Front of the Line for every ride each time you go, no extra charge. Disney used to give Max Pass for free with their upper tiered passes, now they don’t. But universal kept theirs with the Platinum.

      1. Karen Taylor - Steward

        Maybe disney should take a note out of universal park with the way they do their park tickets, you buy park tickets & ride whatever, when in Park, non of this ride one ride then get on your phone to book another, you don’t go on holiday to have your head always in your phone you be forever booking rides
        Least universal have done it right buy tickets for the day & just book your rides for that day

  5. JB

    Isn’t Universals Express Pass free to those that stay at their deluxe resorts? Perhaps Disney should do the same.

    1. David Jose Hernandez

      Well, disney has the normal genie, which is a free version of genie+. This is something that people completely didn’t know about, and are just spitting of disney while mistaking genie & its upgrade for being just the upgrade alone. On the other hand, universal express pass is still $70.00 to skip lines with which is WAY more expensive than genie+ in general.

      1. Jolyth

        The “normal” version of Genie doesn’t include any form of line skipping. It is merely an itinerary planner, which is already included in MDE.

        Universal also has premier hotels for cheaper than WDW deluxe AND they offer free line skipping for staying at those hotels.

      2. Justin

        A Universal premier level hotel is around $300/night AND it includes 2 Park Unlimited Express Passes that allow you to use the express line WHENEVER you want AS MANY times as you want ALL day every day throughout your stay. Disney charges about $500/night for their deluxe resorts and then you get to pay another $15/person/day PLUS however much extra for the top tier rides when those prices are relate released…… Universal is a much better deal

    2. DianeMRL

      Yes, it is! If Disney did the same for the Genie+ for Deluxe Resorts, you would have all the same people complaining like they are now about the Extended Evening Hours, are only for the ‘Rich’.

      1. Kirsty

        Because the extended evening hours are just for the rich. I can’t afford a Deluxe Resort, therefore I’ve been priced out of an experience that two years ago I enjoyed. Late hours in EPCOT were my favourite part of my holiday. Dinner reservation, and some late night rides when it’s cooler and all the kids have gone to bed. PERFECT. Now I can’t do that because Bob Chapek wants a new house.

  6. Tori

    At least Disney’s doesn’t change based on the day. There are some days at universal where express is more than the ticket to get in and you still don’t get to ride hagrids or the new coaster

    1. Terry

      Disney does change by the day you clearly have never been there during PEAK PRICING also there is a la carte pricing for the more popular rides at Disney on top of the already outrageous price per ticket for Genie+. before commenting become educated. furthermore all deluxe resorts and platinum passes get express pass at universal. Disney has shown time and again their guests and passholders are not valued just your wallet is.

      1. Jordan

        Please go back and reread what Tori said. They were referring to Genie+ and express pass in how the price changes per day. Disney has a different price for lightning lanes for their more popular rides, which doesn’t need Genie+ to use. So maybe it’s you who needs to be educated and not jump down someone’s throat right away.

      2. Joe

        Wow…you seem extremely hostile. According to the info I’ve read, the price for Genie+ will be either $20 or $15 depending on if it’s Disneyland or DisneyWorld. I haven’t read any news about that amount fluctuating depending on the time of year. So, I think that is what Terry is referring to. You’re right though, the base price of a ticket fluctuates throughout the year. The thing that will also fluctuate is the extra surcharge for the top 2 rides. However, I haven’t read what the price point on that will be. Even if it is a whopping $55.00, that will only put the total cost ($15 for Genie+ and $55 for the popular ride surcharge) on par with the Universal Express pass. Let’s not pretend that Universal is some sort of benevolent entity…they’re just out for money the same way as everyone else is.

    2. Jolyth

      Wrong. Disney has already stated that the cost for Genie will change depending on the time of year.

      1. Jordan

        No, that’s for Lightning lanes for the popular attractions. It’ll be $15 at WDW and $20 at Disneyland regardless of the day.

      2. Danielle

        Have you ever noticed how people who begin a paragraph using “Wrong.” as a sentence, are usually wrong? 😂

  7. Chris

    I used to love Disney and now almost hate it.

    1. Julie Ellefson

      I know what you mean. I wanted to go one last time. Between ridiculous prices, the perks being taken away, mismanagement, and rides breaking down constantly I have to wonder if it’s worth it. Without buying these passes for even more it’s an expensive trip.

    2. DMD

      Chris….simply stated. I AGREE 100%.
      I owe my grandson a Disney Trip, and I am not looking forward to it. I even wanted to seasonally at work at Disney when we retired and spent time in Florida during the winter.
      Not anymore. Between new policies and their wokeness, I can’t be a Disney Fan any longer. I keep trying, but it isn’t working for me…..so I have decided to start selling all my Disney decor, clothing, accessories. I just can’t do Disney anymore

  8. TFiddle

    Universal Studios pass-3x as much 1/3 less the fun and 100% less friendly staff

  9. Justin

    A Universal premier level hotel is around $300/night AND it includes 2 Park Unlimited Express Passes that allow you to use the express line WHENEVER you want AS MANY times as you want ALL day every day throughout your stay. Disney charges about $500/night for their deluxe resorts and then you get to pay another $15/person/day PLUS however much extra for the top tier rides when those prices are relate released…… Universal is a much better deal

    1. Gern Blanston

      Just because something is a much better deal doesn’t make it better.

      Universal can punch up all they want. They started with free Express Passes many years ago and quickly changed to paid only.

  10. Joseph

    Pandemic… Hey let’s charge people more!!!! U rule Disney!

    1. Gern Blanston

      I don’t see Universal offering Express Passes for free during a pandemic. Your argument is ludicrous!


    Internet sucks big time in parts of all the parks so…..let’s charge people even more to use the internet even more. Can’t wait to see how this goes. They figure if Universal does it then we can too. If only it worked that way. This extra on top of extra instead of what we already had for no extra cost will cost some customers. I dropped our AP and won’t be back for a minute. This is what they want though so it’s a win/win for Disney.

  12. mike gentry

    Not happy about disney grab for more money. Creates an elitist atmosphere for those who purchase. Still not happy about paying for hotel parking. Don’t nickel and dime me.

  13. SG

    I always always LOVED Disney’s Fast Pass, it put Universal’s nickle and dimeing to shame shame shame! NOW I’m terribly ashamed of Disney’s stupid and totally unnecessary Genie! Honestly can anyone explain the benefit? The Fast Pass lines were not that long! The rich don’t mind the $ here and $ there but those who budget can’t pay for play.


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