Comments for Deserted Typhoon Lagoon May Soon Welcome Guests Back

typhoon lagoon

Credit: Disney (left) Bioreconstruct (right)


  1. Kurt

    Let’s hope so. A 20 month closure is a bit embarrassing, especially given that Typhoon is Disney’s optimal water park (Capacity, spacing, After-hour event capabilities, etc). One would think they would do whatever they can to re-open by the big 50th anniversary!

    Still haven’t seen anything with regards to fixing the landslide on the back of Mayday falls slide. (Perhaps the South Pump work is near that?) Although, it is going to take a lot more than just a commercial plumber.

    Looked like they were fixing the cracks on the slides from the overhead shots taken a few weeks ago.

  2. J.

    It’s about time!

  3. MarkAV81

    Looks like there was also a permit filed last Tuesday (8/12), along with another one yesterday (8/16), and another one today (8/17).

  4. Bob olsen

    Not opening. Permits are for various things. Think about why the wall of shrubs eroded and how to fix all that comes with it. Thats what the permits are for.

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