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  1. AMJ

    Disney gave up the idea of integrating show building into the Magic years ago. Just look at Animal Kingdom..Everest and Avatar rides has half hearted efferys to blend in their buildings. It looks horrible from the parking lot. It does nothing to get you excited to go into the park, stand in loooonnnggg lines to go into a box you saw as you drove up. It breaks that 4th wall of belief and wonder Walt insisted on.
    Shame on Disney- it cost to much I guess.

    1. They started building Tron over three years ago. There’s garbage everywhere now. Disney has been a construction site for the last 4 years or more. Don’t waste your money right now.

    2. Nick

      Walt was dead and gone before WDW started operating so let’s move on from that tired reason for doing/not doing something.
      The reason anything is done or not is based upon corporate responsibility. When something is done that bolsters the bottom line it usually stays. When something is done which erodes the bottom line changes are in order. These are basic business decisions and any good businessman, like Walt had been despite the romanticism, adheres to those basic ideas.

  2. Ken

    I’m sure the ride will be fun, but why make a ride after a movie that didn’t do well and quite frankly was boring and sucked?

    1. Ashley

      Although it performed poorly at the box office, it definitely has gained a cult following. Lightcycle will also be a nice way to spruce up Tomorrowland, which has been in desperate need of a makeover for quite some time now. I haven’t been to HK Disneyland, but from what I hear from others, the ride is pretty awesome!

      1. D in Anaheim

        Tron is in Shanghai.

      2. Jason

        If you or someone you know has a VR headset, you can open up the YouTube app and check out a couple VR videos people have filmed of the Shanghai version of the ride. Looks great! The ride is over in about 90 seconds lol, but the transition from the initial launch and then into the show building where all the neon landscape surrounds you should be amazing!

    2. Nick

      In the long term, people don’t ride and continually ride particular rides because they were based on a good (or bad) movie. They ride because of the ride experience.
      A number of people (including me) either didn’t like or even see Avatar but the lines are long and the land is packed because it’s a good ride.

  3. SG

    I totally agree with AMJ and Michelle, the ugly sightlines and backs of buildings is awful, not to mention construction garbage. And it’s in all the parks. Walt would be furious. We’ve been watching Inside the Attraction on Disney + (it’s amazing, a must see) and he was adamant about cleanliness, the parks being an escape from reality and totally immersed in the fairy tale or future world. He made mountains and facades to keep you there. Whoever’s in charge now should be fired. Walt would have been the first to do it!

  4. Elle

    What I think is ridiculous is the fact that it took one year to build Disneyland in the 50’s and they cannot get their acts together to build one rollercoaster (that is a copy of one already built.) Craziness! Universal is killing it-Disney get your act together!

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