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Comments for Neighbors Go Viral Over “Offensive” Tigger Flag Dispute

Neighbor on camera (left) / Tigger (right)

Credit: Ambrosia (@tizzybizzy92) TikTok (left) / Disney (right)


  1. TacoCat

    Tigger has now earned his badge of honor. He has been added to the “offensive ” list.

  2. Pigletfan

    I could understand her frustration if it was a large Pooh in the garden but Tigger…

  3. Traci

    When do we stop using the childish pop culture term “Karen” it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of. Oh yeah and the flag thing is ridiculous also. Tigger is the best!

  4. Marc Disney

    This woman needs to get a life and butt out of everyone else’s!

  5. Mason

    Even Tigger is offensive. Great now Disney will try to cancel him.

  6. TM

    I’m curious to know why TikTok banned her account briefly. Foul language, twerking on police cars, aggression, and rants are fine. But a video about a Tigger flag gets one banned? …….

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