Comments for Disney to Release Closer Look at Inspiration For Splash Mountain Retheme

splash mountain


  1. M

    Here’s the difference between showing art and a re-theme. Art is free. They have no plan. This all looks like a PR move. Nobody wants this re-theme except twitter crazies. #SaveSplashMountain

  2. Ken Brenner

    Hi. I find the entire change of Splash Mountain unfortunate, wrong, and entirely based on WOKE and PC politics. Disney is making a big mistake just to look good to the few loud WOKErs.
    Oh – as for the reason for the change, someone tell me how animals can be racists!??
    Very sad what has happened to what was once a magical place.

  3. Princess Tiana deserves her own ride and restaurant by retheming Tom Sawyer Island better than retheming Splash Mountain in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

    1. Manny

      I am curious why it bothers some folks about this re-theme? Why would we ever want to change the “Song of the South” and its depiction of the lives of post-Civil War plantation workers? I mean what could be wrong with a film that helps to perpetuate a dangerously glorified picture of slavery?

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