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Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort. Keeping in theme with Tomorrowland, Space Mountain blasts Guests off into space as they board a rocket on the indoor roller coaster and zoom past stars, constellations, planets, and more.

But as many of you know, when Disney Imagineers work on an attraction, they think of everything — including the fact that nearly every ride has a backstory, even if you never knew about it.

And Space Mountain’s backstory is one of the most interesting ones out there!

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Credit: Disney

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The queue of Space Mountain introduces Guests to the backstory, so make sure the next time you blast off into space, you pay close attention to the details while standing in line!

The Mouselets shared a video to TikTok perfectly explaining Space Mountain’s backstory, saying:

“The queue also introduces you to the backstory of this attraction. You are a tourist who booked a trip into space with a tourist company. In the exit, you can see more about this theme with this baggage claim area, and then you’ll tour other destinations that you can visit if you booked another trip with this tourist company.”

Check out the full video below:


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Backstories are always interesting to learn about as they really enhance the Guest experience if you pay close attention to the theming within the rides. And Space Mountain’s backstory, though is more suddenly hidden and not as well-known, is so interesting and really helps immerse Guests into the theme of the ride.

So the next time you ride Space Mountain, make sure to play close attention to these elements as it is sure to help enhance your ride experience!

More on Space Mountain at Disney World

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Credit: Disney

Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Located in Tomorrowland, this indoor roller coaster takes Guests on a journey into space as they zoom past stars, planets, and more.

Walt Disney World describes this Tomorrowland attraction as:

Blast off on a rip-roaring rocket into the furthest reaches of outer space on this roller-coaster ride in the dark.

Dip and careen into the inky blackness as a futuristic soundtrack echoes all around you. Fly past shooting stars and celestial satellites. Roar past streaking orbs of light, wayward comets and migrant meteors. Feel the pull of gravity as you’re drawn into a swirling wormhole!

space mountain
Credit: Disney

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