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  1. Bethany

    The mom was well aware of the toddler’s potential reaction to wearing a mask. And if she can’t properly manage her two year old’s toddler meltdown (especially if this is her second child, as there is an older child in the family photo) why is she carrying her out into public, especially to Disney? Nobody wants to experience an unmanaged toddler meltdown anywhere. And I can guarantee that this was not the first time that child had a meltdown over wearing a mask during that trip.

    1. Mike

      Bethany turn of CNN! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Megan

      You clearly don’t have a two year old if you think they are just some trained pet who can be controlled at all times. Toddlers are living, breathing people who have bad days just like the rest of us – but without the cognitive benefit of knowing how to handle those feelings.

      These people were clearly trying and the attitude of the flight attendants and you is frankly disgusting. WHO does not recommend masks on anyone under 5 for this exact reason and I sure as heck am not masking my own 2 year old either just to appease completely ignorant adults.

      1. Kamm

        Hurrah! Someone else has stated the obvious. Thank you. ANYONE thinking a 2 year old will tolerate a mask for a lengthy period is out of their darn mind. And SW airlines needs to be reminded daily to have some empathy and compassion.

        1. JordanJoan

          Stay home!

      2. bren

        Funny. My cousin was able to “train” her child who is two. She started practicing when he was 1 1/2 to get him ready for it. Sure they have melt downs, but it doesn’t mean you can’t teach a two year old.

    3. Mr

      Totally agree. She definitely had time to take a picture of the poor kid and share it online, so maybe looking for some compensation? The woman sells CBD oil, so…

    4. Brooklyn

      WOW! Let’s glue a mask over your face to muffle your rude and beyond unnecessary commentary. #clearlyyou’remissingthepointhere

      1. Kamm


      2. I love your response ❣️

    5. Charles Brown


    6. T.M

      A child is entitled to cry when they do not understand it’s one of the few ways they have to express and normally most adults do not see this as a meltdown but as a means of helplessness.I am sickened by any adult that has no compassion for a a child of any age that looks to adults to care and simply make it better.Through this whole Pandemic mess I have learned so much about that Happy crowds in the Parks and what types some of them truly are.It’s disturbing.

    7. Vincent

      Yup! Totally agree with you!

      1. Marc Disney

        I think that flight attendant should be fired. I understand we’re in the middle of a pandemic but there is a right and a wrong way to deal with passengers and her method was completely unprofessional and rude. If she worked for Disney, she would have been fired in a heartbeat for her behavior.

    8. Barbara

      Well aren’t you a self righteous ****shes 2.
      Try a little humanity.
      I believe in the mask mandate and vaccines, but come on. This is ridicules. And yes there’s a big developmental difference between the age of 2 and 3.

    9. Becky

      I’m sorry but a two year is still a toddler and isn’t going to just stop doing something because you ask them. They haven’t learned all forms of discipline yet and you are acting as if the mother did something wrong. Those flight attendants should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not funny. No parents wants to be the parent that has the kid that’s crying and screaming but it happens. Humanity, patience and kindness go a long way. Let’s build each other up not make each other feel worse.

      1. Shea

        I don’t know if they meant this sarcastically but why are you bringing a 2 yr. old on a plane knowing they require masks? It’s ok to actually think through decisions as you make them instead of doing stupid things like that.

    10. Shae

      EXACTLY, who brings a 2yr. old on a plane requiring that masks worn the whole time? Incidentally, 2 is too young to really get into Disney anway and most of us do not want your crying baby on the plane regardless of masks.

      1. Jay

        My daughter was two when we first took her and she still remembers it. Problem is they didn’t prepare her for it. My 4 year and 2 year did just fine on plane through preparation ahead of time.

      2. Kristy

        I brought a 6 week old on a plane and too Disney as well as a 2 year old. He definitely loved Disney more than my 17 year old did.

    11. Terri

      Wow I’m glad your not my mother. Such a b***h. No child should go through this. At least in Australia our children don’t have to wear masks unless they are 12 and over. 2 year olds do not understand what is happening and should not be subjected to this. The age should be at least 6 years old

    12. Lani

      You are a cold hearted person. You must be a commie Bethany! No two year old should ever have to wear a mask. They don’t understand the concept and apparently you don’t understand children.

    13. Chris Kinney

      I would have been thrown off the plane after I finished beating the crap out of those flight attendants.

    14. Lori

      Rude!!!! It’s a toddler for gods sake!

  2. Donna

    If you kid can’t wear a mask don’t get on the plane.

    1. Charles Brown


    2. Definitely. While I understand the plight of the family, if they’re living in our world today and recognize the high level of disease transmission and risks (TO OTHER PEOPLE) that are involved right now…it’s just not the time to take the family on a Disney vacation with a 2 yr old. That’s reality, no matter how one tries to sugar coat it.

  3. Eric M

    Odd that she was able to take a picture of her kid throwing a fit on the plane but has no video of the claimed interaction…

    Very curious..

    1. Chris Bridges

      Can someone tell me the difference between a 2 year old wearing a mask and 1 year 11 month old not wearing one? When people are shoulder to shoulder for hours in a theme park with no mask and then told to wear one on a ride is special! They say when you are actively eating or drinking no mask next time just bring popcorn.


      2. Oh and Disney and airlines are so worried about people passing this virus! Come on! These companies are just out for profits. They dont care about your health or safety because if they did then Disney would be closed and airlines wound mandate 6 feet on its planes! Oh wait then airlines wouldn’t be able to get maximum profits!

  4. Kristin

    I’d have told them they’re just going to have to suck it up. She’s 2. They’d have had to land that damn plane and kick me off. No way am I holding down a 2yr old who was probably tired and uncomfortable in the first place to wear a mask. Where has the compassion gone in the world? She’s TWO not 22.

    1. Michelle

      Thank you! Sick to death of the lack of empathy in this world right now. How do you reason with a 2 year old??? The treatment of children right now really is insane.

    2. Linda Camacho

      So she’s two. She could be two with the virus. Or she could by two and get the virus. OOOH! If that happened, you can bet the family would sue!

      1. Sue

        Children do not get the virus.

        1. Kamm

          Wrong Sue! Keep up with the news dear.

        2. M

          My God, you are a huge part of the problem. Children do get the virus. Children pass on the virus. Children die from the virus. Watch something besides Fox News.

        3. Maria

          Yes they definitely do get the virus, mine did and passed it along too

    3. Linda Camacho

      The plane apparently was still on the ground. It’s easy to say you’d do this or that, but you don’t really know until it happens.

      1. K.L.

        Yes, on the plane stuck on the tarmac for an hour and a half with no air conditioning. I imagine the adult passengers were stressed out and not wearing their sweaty masks by that point either.

    4. Mary

      Why should they just suck it up? The are not new rules that have come into place. The parents knew what was required of them to get on the plane in the first place. TSA just announced that masks will be mandated until at least 2022 and beyond. I would have cut a hole in the mask and let her suck through it. What did the child do in Disney, not wear a mask?

      1. Brooklyn

        Yes, because Walt Disney World only permits mask-wearing as of July 30th indoors only.

      2. Gin

        Please explain to me the difference between cutting a hole in it vs not wearing it at all?! Smfh 🙄

    5. Catherine Kane

      and if she’s a 2 year old who catches the virus because she couldn’t handle wearing a mask and dies because of it?

      her family knew she is a thumb sucker and could have predicted this could be a problem

      maybe this was the wrong year to be taking her on a plane…

      1. PalterEgo

        oh catherine come on! the chance of somebody dying from the virus under 12 is like .00001%. STOP FEAR MONGERING!

  5. Adam

    Anyone who complains about crying kids doesn’t have kids. And when they do they’re gonna be ashamed of what they said.

  6. Lauren

    Though the flight attendant’s response was beyond rude, the real issue here is that the federal mandate is developmentally inappropriate. No two year old can be reasoned with. They are still babies. A good faith effort should be good enough for kids under 5.

    1. brooklyn


    2. Michele

      From infancy, children use sucking behaviors to calm themselves. Plenty of parents RELY on thumb sucking to provide emotional regulation as their children grow older versus encouraging behaviors that build well adjusted, self assured toddlers. It’s just easier to let them suck. She can’t suck a thumb through a mask so maybe it’s time to find another form of emotional support. Don’t be an enabler, it might get you kicked off an airplane.

  7. Just add reason # 2 why not travel to Disney or any other travel by plane destination. REASON #1 of course is masks, I somewhat understand the rational abut mask wearing in crowded indoor spaces with so many unvaccinated people but vacationing to Disney with young children is not something I myself will not do I have promised my grandkids, 3,5,7, a trip to Disney world but explained as best I could that now is not the right time they understood and we will wait to avoid situations like this article explained.

  8. Dis fan

    I feel for that mom and child, shame on southwest for saying and doing what they did, this mask mandate is getting out of hand and needs to stop, it should be freedom of choice, not a forced mandate, if your afraid of sharona, stay home, this whole situation is getting out of hand, enough is enough, and here come the comments from my comment

    1. Linda Camacho

      Infected anyone lately?

      1. PalterEgo

        Who cares if they did? that person might get the sniffles, might get the coughs, or might not get anything and will most likely be fine in a couple of days. We need to start treating this virus like its over 99% survivable, which it is. The precautions being taken are perfectly appropriate if there was only 1% survivable rate.

        1. brooklyn


    2. brooklyn

      Totally stand with you! Freedom of choice! Also, a friendly reminder for those high and mighty persons vaccinated with the belief that they cannot spread the virus or get it; wrong! I’ve known too many vaccinated people (doctors, nurses, spin instructors, blue-collared workers) in the last several weeks who just got the virus and were infectious and had to isolate. Oh! Forgot to add they also wear the useless masks when required.

      Also, go and read on Malta and Israel who are both about 90-95% vaccinated and learn how they are going into mask mandate again and lockdown because of too many vaccinated persons getting the virus.

    3. Jeannie

      Actually my 11 month old grandson has Covid as does his 6 year old cousin

  9. Max

    It is ridiculous to mandate a 2 year old wear a mask on a flight. In fact it is ridiculous to mandate anybody wearing a mask. The air in the plane changes often so this should be a no brainer except of course the government is involved.

    1. Linda Camacho

      It doesn’t change completely, and is not completely virus free. As for masks, it is the law, whether you like it or not. Nobody wants your germs. You don’t want theirs.

      1. K

        You are spreading deadly bacteria with your diaper on your face Keep it away from me. Masks are deadly the way they are used today.

        1. Joknows

          And you are spreading lies, so I guess it all evens out!

    2. Linda Camacho

      An added point. The plane was on the tarmac for 1. with no AC, therefore, no air exchange.

      1. oh linda

        oh linda, just because there is no AC doesn’t mean there is no air exchange, FYI an airplane’s air is circulated through an elaborate filtering system every 2-3 minutes making the air cleaner then most indoor environments . . . I went to high school with a super smart girl named linda camacho, you’re definitely not her


    I’m so sorry for your experience. My grandson had a similar one. So, Ie developed a mask to help young children become more comfortable by allowing them to use a pacifier while wearing one.
    You can see it at

  11. Syndyne

    Actual interaction:

    “Maam, it is airline policy that all passengers wear a mask.”

    “She’ll just pull it off, what do you want me to do, GLUE it to her face?!”

    “I’m sorry ma’am this is airline policy that all____”

    “Are you telling me to GLUE a mask to my baby’s face?!”

    “No no ma____”

    “Yes you are! I’m gonna post this to the internet!”

    1. Linda Camacho

      About right.

  12. Lisa

    In this instance , I would have turned my snakiness on the attendants and told them to glue their MOUTHS shut instead! Unless you have never had to deal with a cranky toddler, you might want to think twice before making ridiculous statements like these! We are ALL tired of enforcing mask wear and wearing masks!

    1. Charles Brown

      Lisa……Rules are Rules get use to it .Bet they never said glue the mask .The mom just wants free stuff cause she was told to get the mask on the child

  13. K

    Glue that bacteria in place.

  14. Sue

    Want to solve the problem? ALL the passengers should have stood up for this family and taken their masks off.
    But, you see this is the problem. Too many of you are allowing the government to control your body.
    It’s your body your choice.
    More of us need to take the mask off and just go.
    Covid19 has a 97% recovery rate with proven therapies and treatments. The CDC and WHO have repeatedly said children do not get the virus – only vaccinated children get covid19.
    So please everyone stop it. Just stop it. Stop listening to the government and msm because it is not about our health it is about control and Disney is part of the problem.

    1. the kind of disinformation is exactly the reason WHY this country is in the disaster we’re in, Sue. Using this kind of ‘logic’ means we’ll not be able to extricate ourselves from this mess for years.
      it’s not “your choice” when your choice NEGATIVELY IMPACTS SOMEONE ELSE. Your rights cease when you start encroaching on someone else’s life.
      Yes there is a Government, which has rules. For a REASON. Society is able to function BECAUSE there are rules. Using an example that’s been shared on the web… maybe you’re in a rush and it’s ‘your choice’ not to stop at the red light. So do you think of just plowing headlong through that intersection without regard to what might happen? it’s your choice not to want to stop. but then what?
      I for one have a sister who’s been a MD for 30 years, and another doctor cousin who’s been at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC in the heat of the raging pandemic ever since day 1. COVID is gravely serious, often fatal, massively opportunistic (as viruses are, esp delta), and affects young people and children too. Many die. Why would any decent, rational person want to offer and consciously allow for ANY more possible vectors (read: unvaccinated, unmasked bodies) for further spread of such a thing? One would have to be selfish and lobotomized to think that’s a good idea.

      1. kendras not too bright

        sorry kendra, covid is NOT gravely serious or often fatal, the fact that over 98% of people who tested positive survive makes your statement laughable, you really should consult with your sister and cousin before making foolish statements, and actually it is “my choice” if i choose not to risk my life to save someone like yours, its people like you that make that decision even easier 🙂

  15. J.

    Yikes, after being stuck for an hour and a half in the plane with no A/C, I wouldn’t want to wear it either. This is really disappointing to hear and I love Southwest and the free bag policy. Sad…

  16. Joseph

    Those flight attendants should be publicly stoned.

  17. Donna

    We just came back from a trip to Orlando ( flying from San Diego,California), with a two year old and a seven year old. My daughter put a pacifier in the two year olds’ mouth and managed to keep his mask on through our four flights on American Airlines. It IS possible, as we proved .

  18. Linc

    Yes, being a two year old is hard and handling one as and adult is just as hard. Self soothing with a thumb was common and accepted in the past. But here’s the question; “Why are you on vacation with two children during a worldwide pandemic?!”

    It is still a pandemic folks, just because things are open does not mean you should go. A vacation is a choice. Knowing your kids is your job. Traveling long distances on an airline with toddlers is a choice. Also, not to be cruel, during a pandemic you child self soothing with their thumb is the most unhygienic thing your child could be doing in public during a pandemic – aside from openly spitting in people’s faces.

  19. Linda

    I’m sorry if a 2 year old got on their nerves. YOU DO NOT GLUE OR SUGGEST GLUING ANYTHING TO A CHILDS FACE. I would sue the crap out of that airline. Like me or hate me I really don’t care!!

  20. Ash

    I notice the toddler isn’t wearing a mask in any of the photos (even the ones where the rest of the family is). This family absolutely thought they were above the rules and were mad when the rules were enforced.

    Unless there’s video of the flight attendant saying it, I don’t believe them.

  21. Barbara Ervin

    This was a two-year-old child. Have some compassion!

  22. Agnes

    In European airlines children are not required to wear masks till they are 5 for this exact reason! People need to learn some compassion these days. You telling me you require 2 year old to keep a mask on…the same 2 year old that can still s**t their underwear according to pediatricians??? Let’s be real here people.

  23. Anne

    I have to question whether the flight attendant actually said this. When something this extreme happens, there is usually video and an uproar from multiple sources. Only a pic from the mom.

  24. Tina

    Any parent knows that at the best of times a toddler can get overwhelmed and refuse to cooperate much less in a stressful situation. Practicing at home prior to vacation might help, make a game of it before boarding. If a child is tired, hungry or just irritated they’ll be difficult. I feel her frustration. Children in the hospital are required to wear masks, maybe nurses can give some tips.

  25. Susan

    There’s comes a time that letting a little 2 year old go without a mask is okay. How upsetting .

  26. Melanie Durham

    I feel so bad for this family, they had no right to tell them to GLUE it to the child’s face! Enforce it, yes, but not glue it on her face!

  27. Aireanna

    Requiring children under 5 to wear a mask is ridiculous! You people need to get a grip! If it’s your time to go, a mask isn’t going to save you! I hope everyone on board that plane that wanted that baby to have to wear a mask, enjoyed hearing a screaming child the entire flight!

    1. bren

      Most already do scream and cry because the pressure hurts their ears.

  28. Sam

    In reading this story about gluing a mask to a 2 year olds face! These flight attendants lack common sense! Need special Ed training for themselves in preparing to be a flight attendant…

  29. Bren

    As a parent who remembers those years all too well, sorry, I have no sympathy for the mom. She’s willing to risk her children’s health so they can go to Disney World during the hottest part of the year. Sure, keep the kids in the heat like that all day. And yes, she would know how humidity feels since she’s from Va. Beach. We’ve been under heat advisories for days on end in this part of Virginia. Second, nobody forced her to fly. The family could have driven. It’s a twelve hour trip from here to there. Nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head saying you have to fly, you have to go to Disney. And it’s not like they just decided to go out of the blue. You have to plan. So she had time to see if the mask thing would work or not. As a parent if my child was going to be a pain in the butt, I removed my child, or did not even attempt certain things. Everyone knows a toddler is going to have melt downs. It’s unavoidable. But this has been the regulation for a while. So for once, why don’t we hold the parents responsible? They had time to plan for these instances, and instead decided to be a bother to everyone else around them for their convenience. Then they want to cry and whine when they don’t get their way. Sorry, not the stewardesses job to mask your child. It’s yours. So do your job, or don’t fly. Pretty simple concept.

  30. Ri

    Yes, the flight attendant is out of order!🤨this is a form of child abuse. You do not glue anything on a child or anyone else for that fact. I think that they could have come up with something better than that! That Poor baby.

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