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Cast Member talking to Kylo Ren on Rise of the Resistance (left) / Stormtroopers on the ride (right)

Credit: Disney Delis TikTok (left) / Disney (right)


  1. Homey Clause

    Good grief – horrible writer… boring words to get to the point. There are several paragraphs of background that are completely unnecessary – if you are going to put in 1,000 words of filler, why not mention who the manufacturers are, where Disney sourced the paint, and the age group of some of the imagineers? (sounds pointless, right? Now you know how we feel)

    1. Walt


    2. Doomie

      Yeah – all these garbage recommended articles are from India – they get paid for the length – it’s trash.

  2. Robin

    We took my 86 year old mother to Disney World in November 2016. She was essentially wheelchair bound, but could take a few steps with help. She really wanted to ride the Frozen ride in Norway at EPCOT. With help we got her seated on it. About 2 minutes into the ride it malfunctioned and we had to be evacuated. My Mom could not walk out. No problem. The Rock Creek Fire Department came, picked her up, put her in a transport chair and carried her out down the fire escape. She was thrilled and would tell anyone who would listen that being with the good looking firemen was her favorite Disney experience. As usual, Disney was able to make a scary moment the Best Day Ever.

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