Comments for Powerless Monorail Strands Guests at Disney World in 98 Degrees

orange monorail line wdw is stuck

Credit: TheCapsTV on YT


  1. Nicholas

    I am long time WDW veteran and have never been strained on the monorail. I love the monorail and I know they say the current system it too expensive to upgrade but that’s just BS the proof is in Las Vegas USA! They bought the old Mark monorail form Disney and ran it for several years before wait for it shock alert* Las Vegas upgraded the trains! 😲🤔 They just don’t want to invest it a free transit, as much money as they charge and make they can definitely afford the upgrade they are just falt out lying! Period.

  2. Bjorne

    My family and I were stranded on a monorail in 2012. A extremely bad storm was outside just as we were pulling away from Magic Kingdom and it just dead stopped for about 30-40 mins and my kids fell asleep after awhile. They gave us complimentary fast passes for the inconvenience.

  3. JC

    As a former WDW CM monorail driver, I’d rather be stuck on the monorail than the Skyliner. Easier to evacuate than the Skyliner.
    The most iconic symbol of WDW and they don’t want to sink any money into it. If the executives had their way, they probably would tear it down. Probably why they have extended a walkway from MK to GF. Got a bunch of idiots running the company. Magic is gone. It’s all about how much of a guest’s bank account they can drain. Need to stop or this comment will turn into a book.😂

  4. Eric M

    It’s not a breakdown, it’s a new magical feature!

    All you have to do now is download Disney Genie, pay 15 bucks per person in your party, then 49.95 per person for the Lightning Lane and someone will be out to rescue you in two hours or less.

    There will be an upcharge if you want bottled water or medical attention after your sauna-monorail experience.

  5. Rich

    I can’t count the number of times We have been stuck on the monorail over the years for over 15 minutes at a time and it usually happens between the Contemporary and the Magic Kingdom. Sometimes they say it’s “congestion ahead” or trouble with another monorail. Unless it’s a cool day we never take the monorail anymore.

  6. Luis

    On August 18th we got stuck briefly arriving at MK, it lasted about 5 minutes and the power was restored

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