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Disney Castle and Jack Sparrow

Credit: Smasher (left) Disney (right)


  1. Dustin Bollnow

    I really want to see Depp return as Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s not the Pirates franchise without him or the rest of our favorite characters and franchise alum.

    1. Temperance

      As far as we are concerned this IS the only Pirates 6 film worth seeing! ?

      1. Temperance

        If curiosity gets the better of you then buy bootleg…

        1. I am not going to watch ‘ Pirates ot the Caribbean 6 ‘ if Johnny Depp is not playing Jack Sparrow , nor will any of my family or friends watch it or future Caribbean movies.

      2. Joam

        Johnny Depp playing the part of Jack Sparrow is a must. If he is not part of the movie then it os not worth watching
        Johnny Depp plays a key role
        If he is not in it I will not be watching

        1. Alyae

          I totally agree with you

      3. Melody Love

        Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. He created that character and nobody else can do it justice. I’m very disappointed that they want to sit there and chastise him but yet still have Amber Heard. We all know she’s the one that created this problem. There’s too many people and Johnny’s past that said no matter what he had never acted like that. And we’re going to take the word of some bimbo very disappointed in the world

      4. Lauralee Wiltsie

        If Johnny Depp isn’t going to play Captain Jack Sparrow, how can they call it Pirates of the Caribbean? It won’t be worth seeing if he isn’t at the helm. Would also like Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom to join him. Mr. Depp’s private life has nothing to do with his career. Bring back Captain Jack.

    2. Temperance

      No Johnny no POTC 6 ..,.

      1. I will not see POTC 6 or any afterward unless J.D. is back.

        1. Jenny B

          No Depp. No money No views.

          #Justice for Johnny 📢

      2. Forrest

        Depp MADE this franchise what it is today.

      3. DD.

        Agreed, I have no interest in seeing a Margot Robbie reboot.

      4. Latina

        Bring back Johnny Deep. He is the reason for this franchise POTC.

        1. Latina

          Correction. Johnny Depp.

    3. kay

      Neither I nor my extended family will see any future Pirates movies if Johnny Depp is not Jack Sparrow.

      1. Susie wilsin

        The whole thing is stupid.
        There is only one jack sparrow.
        Not worth watching without Depp.

      2. Maria Lee

        Dead men tell no tales wasn’t released in 2017.

        1. Maria Lee

          My mistake. It was. I was thinking of at world’s end which I was at the premiere in 2007

    4. Kid willy

      I won’t watch POTC 6 if there’s no johnny Depp. He is a must if not there will be no captain jack Sparrow.

    5. Caleb Savage

      There’s be a Sequel Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Title ?

      1. Alyae

        No Johny Depp , no seeing the movie..we were watching him rather than the movie itself!

    6. Adrienne Rinard

      Bring Johnny Depp back to the POTC franchise! Without him it’s not the same!!

  2. Janie

    I want to see Depp back in the pirates the Caribbean. It will not be the same without him.

    1. Karen

      Without Johnny Depp, it’s not a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You have nothing that interesting for me to see. That’s one I won’t be watching or buying. There are two sides to every story,

      1. Pamela Denise Brown

        Please we need jack sparrow back. He did nothing wrong. This is a travesty. It will not be the same with out his god given talent. Such a amazing actor with a huge heart. He really puts his all in to the role. Please bring him back

    2. Akanna Wiley

      I want Depp back. Theor is no other actor, that can out due him. He perfect for the part. And if it doesn’t have him in it, I will not watch it!

  3. Karen

    Without Johnny Depp, it’s not a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You have nothing that interesting for me to see. That’s one I won’t be watching or buying. There are two sides to every story,

  4. Pamela

    Not having Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is not worth watching or even filming it. Without Depp, it is not a Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. So Disney, save your time and money.

  5. Beth


    1. Sati

      I haven’t seen all of the series but it’s only logical to put Depp back at the helm! His personal life is just that, personal. Let the man be and give him the credit he deserves for creating such a loveable character, Captain Jack!

  6. Barby

    If they’re letting his ex wife still play in movies..they need to keep Johnny Depp in all his movies…who cares about their problems..I enjoy watching these movies with Johnny Depp because he’s a excellent actor!!

    1. Wilma

      Gelijk heb je ja hij speelt zijn rollen goed ja

    2. Sati

      Hear! Hear!

  7. Margaret

    I’m 69 and have all the films but won’t be getting number 6 if it’s not Johnny as he is and makes it Pirates of the Caribbean

    1. R.R.

      Johnny Depp is only reason I ever watched POTC and without Depp their is no point. It’s not like Depp is a talentless abusive hack like Amber Heard. Her abusive ass should be cancel cultured not Depp

  8. Patricia Cain

    This is AWESOME!! Great to see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack again!!!!! When will Disney accept the fact he is an extraordinary actor and cannot not be replaced!! His private life is his own!! He is innocent and would never comment the things that woman ( who shall not be spoken of)!! Accused of!! I wonder if the so. called leaders of. Disney, I wonder if their private lives would hold up to their own scutiny!!!! Depp needs to be brought back and apologized to!!!!!

    1. I Agree 100% Johnny Depp Made This Character His Own as He Does in All of His Movies !!! He’s the One Actor Who Has the Ability to Reinvent All of His Characters and That is What has Made Him Soo Very Famous ?

  9. Johnny Depp is jack sparow playing pirrats of 6

  10. Wilma

    Johnny Depp hoort in pirrats als kapitein Jack sparow anders is het niks aan hij en de andere hebben de film wel heel goed gemaakt zij die Elizabeth speelt en Blom

  11. Iren sofie Stigum

    Johnny Depp is the only Jack Sparrow no one can replace him and pirates of Caribbean is deth born whitout him.

  12. Definitely! Johnny Depp HAS TO PLAY, Jack Sparrow. PERIOD. I want to see him return to the POTC franchise. He belongs back in the movies, Please put him back there.

  13. Definitely! Put Johnny Depp back where he belongs! I want him back in the POTC, franchise! He is the ONLY ONE, who can play Jack Sparrow. Thank you.

  14. John

    Hay your gonna lose big time because no one wants to number 6 without the man don’t be stupid it’s a pirates life for me

  15. Mia

    Its not gonna be the same with no johnny Depp:(


  16. Nicole

    The only reason I even bothered with the last one was because of Johnny Depp. Same goes for the second Fantastic Beast. I knew they were both going to be poorly made movies, but I wanted to see his performance. Note to Disney: most of the audience knows he is innocent. If you put him back in Pirates, most of the backlash you will receive will be from other filmmakers who are jealous they didn’t make as much money as you did. Money. There is money is hiring him. There is not money is distancing yourself from him. Big money. It is smart to bring him back.

  17. Shazz

    If Johnny Depp’s not in the movie then I won’t be watching it.
    Disney made a massive mistake in asking him to leave

  18. POTC Would Never be the Same Without Johnson Depp Playing Jack Sparrow ! I Won’t be Watching if Johnny Depp ( The Awesome )
    Lead Character ! That He Has Been in All of His Movies, especially POTC !!! He’s the One Who Made This Movie Famous, When Disney Wasn’t Even Sure That it Would be Worth it ! Hopefully You’ll Realize That JD Made This Series What it Has Been for Children and Adults Alike

  19. Hanna

    Without Jack (Johnny Depp) it’s just another pirate movie…blah blah blah

  20. William

    I won’t buy pirate of the Caribbean six if Johnny Depp isn’t in it I love is movies he need to stay in it am a big fan of is .

  21. Kristie

    I will not see the movie if Johnny Depp is not Captain Sparrow. I will not watch it. So don’t make it or bring Depp back on.

    1. Totally agree. Without Johnny Depp in it, is like taking down all the iconic skyscrapers, Empire State bld. That make Mangattan skyline famous . . then replacing them with 15 story condos, warehouses etc. Its absolutely NOT the same thing. I know many people wouldn’t watch it without him in it.

  22. Kristin Sullivan

    Boy, has this been an era! You love the entertainer, like Billy Joel….ugh…their personalities stink. Luv, the terror surviving yuppies. Do you know you can check out before you die, and tell The CIA you were unhappy with you stay.

  23. To have Pirates of th Caribbean with Johnny Depp would be like taking iconic bldgs skyscrapers.down in New York City, and Eiffel tower in Paris , and Colosseum in Italy and trying to REPLACE them with 10-story Condos or warehouses and saying “It’s just as good look. ” people don’t want to look at the N.Y. Manhattan skyline and see tops of warehouses.

  24. Dotty

    I dont usually watch things with scary or gross stuff depicted. I watched all the pirates of the carribean movies strictly because Johnny Depp made as Jack Sparrow made them a must see. Wont bother if he is left out of #6. Bring back Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

  25. Ashley

    Plenty of evidence now to show Mr depps inocent. He is the abused party.fif Disney want to lose money and without johney they will.

  26. Lynn Atkinson

    Wouldn’t allow me to leave comment. Guess Depp’s 36 year old history of violence including involvement in possible murders is too much.
    Forget Heard, she’s the excuse but not the reason Depp is poison.
    Depp is a meth addict. Meth is an evil drug, instantly addictive and causes hallucinations, violence, Jeckle/Hyde personality.
    Depp doesn’t show up 1/2 the time, needs an earpiece as he can’t remember a single line, everyone walk on eggshells around him and as an ‘artiste’ he refuses help. Only one who got him clean was Vanessa P. He dropped her because family life was too boring.
    Tracy Jacobs was Depp’s agent for 33 years until he dumped her last year after her deposition-she told the truth. She’s the one that got him all his contracts from Jump Street to Pirates. Promised his bad boy rock star behavior wouldn’t effect the films-in the end, she couldn’t control him and he got violent toward her. Dropped his management agency too after 35 years. Lawyer advised him to dump long-term contracts and sue them.
    The only female co-star who defended him is Winona Ryder-maybe out of fear. 10/31/93 Depp asked River Phoenix to come see him at the Viper Room on opening night. River came out after this meeting, violently I’ll and died in brother’s, Joaquin, arms of a drug overdose. Who slipped River the drugs? Sort out Ryder’s connection to this twisted tale yourself.
    Anthony Fox, co-owner of Viper Room with Depp was last seen alive on 12/12/97. He discovered Depp was laundering money and took him to court. Fox was suppose to testify 12/14/93 against Depp but never showed. Fox’ truck was located but his body was never found.
    Violence started back in high school and was a big issue when filming 21 Jump Street and Crybaby. At its worse-except his involvement in these 2 deaths-when he was dating Kate Moss. Inability to separate fantasy from reality has always been a problem. Add the meth addiction not good-there is the reason for the gold teeth.
    Ever seen Depp at awards ceremony-taked 2 people to hold him up. Even T. Burton has backed off
    Wish that Depp had been arrested and spent time in prison like Robert Downey Jr. Maybe he could be saved. Unless he is, he won’t be alive in 4 years. That’s what happens with bad boy rock stars.

    1. Temperance

      Murders?? Wow, what are YOU smoking?? Longest nonsense, bs post ever…?

    2. Eleanor

      You are s crazy psycho just like amber heard, who probably put you up to posting this amazing fiction.
      Lynn, just check yourself in to the nearest nuthouse ,& take psycho heard with you.

    3. You cannot accuse Jonny Depp of murder if you don’t have proof, your worse that Disney, Amber Heard and the UK Courts, making accusations and made-up lies is defamatory. Your lucky you don’t get sued by Jonny himself, least be stoned by his fans, I’d be careful what you say

    4. Wak

      Do you think, we can all sit together and watch everything you have done until now??? I don’t think so, everyone has something he doesn’t want to show in public. That means, you’re not perfect like Depp so Don’t let media makes you think Depp is the true evil. That’s how media makes money play with your emotions. The question to ask, it’s why did heard accused Depp after broke up, she’s just wanted to ruin Depp with her fake statements. So, don’t judge Depp because if we watch your life at TV together, you will not be pride of you.
      Everyone makes mistake and deserves a second chance.

  27. Nikita Ohlssen-Johnson

    No one is going to watch POTC 6 if Jonny isn’t playing Jack. It’s not the same and never will be. Just bring him in. It’s only fair cause amber is still acting.

  28. Eleanor

    Hollywood let Heard get movie part when it’s been proven she is a violent lying psychopath user. What????

  29. If not Johnny Depp, I won’t be watching. You can not judge his personal life, that you truly don’t know. You do know his acting and that I judge as excellent!!

  30. Meep

    Much like Aquaman 2 a Pirates film without Sparrow will be a film I refuse to pay to see.

  31. There is no POTC without Jack, he created him, and there is no one who could ever replace him!!!! Everyone knows he can be the only true Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney is just evil enough as their villains to keep up with this and they will lose a ton of money ? on this fiend of a idea!!

  32. barney ruble

    ‘….. of the Carribean part 6

    New title of movie w/out Johnny Depp.

    ”no JD,, no pirate..’

  33. Kelly bengston

    No johnny ,no capt jack sparrow …definitely not gonna watch it ….johnny is pirates of the Caribbean, he made it what it is so if Disney dosent bring him back we ain’t gonna watch it PERIOD

  34. Sharon Kearns

    No Johnnie Depp , no movie to be watched by me

  35. Johnny Depp HAS to play Jack Sparrow. And YES, I WANT him back in the POTC , Franchise. He deserves to be this character and back in the movies because he belongs there. PLEASE!

  36. No J.D, no pirate of the Caribbean

  37. Dianne Karolat

    People will boycott the show if Johnny Depp does not get to play Captain Jack Sparrow and it would be Karma for Disney if they make such a bad decision. Think twice before removing Depp from the show or you will regret it.

    1. StalkerMom

      I will boycott for sure!!!

  38. Swaleh

    Kill the franchise for now and let’s wait for Jonny Depp until he’s proven innocent….we’ll wait even if take 30 years!!! JUST DON’T DO PIRATES 6 WITHOUT JONNY.

  39. Tyler Rowan

    Let’s all be honest. Disney is going to make 1 movie with Margot Robbie and we all know it is going to be a failure so as soon as it does they will relieve they mistake and bring Captain Jack Sparrow back. It is just a matter of time. Johnny Depp made pirates the franchise it is now and without him there is not Pirates of the Caribbean.

  40. Jack Sparrow started the Pirates of the Caribbean and he should finish it. Fans know that Disney should bring back Jonny Depp, so why can’t Disney see this!? I understand that Disney did it to protect themselves, but they jumped ship too soon and didn’t wait to see the outcome to the battle between Jonny Depp and Amber Heard (that isn’t over yet). Amber is going to be caught in so many lies and Disney will owe Jonny an apology, why can’t they do it with Jonny Depp being in the new PCB movie, we will all forgive Disney for the way they treated him.

  41. Sanojbhatt

    Yes, absolutely yes
    Without Johnny Depp there is no fun

  42. Diane Goddard

    Yes we all want Johnny back, we’ll done everyone for standing up for him, and fighting for his come back

  43. Martha

    A Pirates without JD, that is like Superman without Henry Cavill, Harry Potter without Daniel Radcliffe and Iron Man without Robert Downey Jr.
    I want Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp to come back to Pirates of the Caribbean, they are one. If Disney wants us to go in a see POTC 6, then they have to obey us or no real Pirates fan/Depp supporters will go in and watch the movie and they will lose millions and millions of not only money, but also Pirates fans and that (for Disney) means no succes and no revenue.

  44. Shel

    I am not a person that lives in the past. We all have our skeletons. Who are we to judge others? I do, however, care about the present. Our actions today will affect tomorrow. What kind of future will we have if we persecute a man based on accusations? Are we willing to be judged so heavily ourselves? Organizations built to help humanity are blasting a man with no evidence of his actions. Who are they helping? Who are they saving? NOBODY!!! They are contributing to the mental and economic abuse of Mr. Depp. They probably never talked to him. What use do we have for organizations that no longer serve humanity? They changed to self-serve using non-profit tax claim, government funding and public donations. They serve money. I believe the committee chosen to present Mr. Depp with this award made a professional, honorable determination based on a man they know personally or professionally.
    So many people forget that we do not do things for the love of money. We earn money for the things we love. If we lose focus of that we have no purpose, no hope, no value. Regardless of any accusations, Mr. Depp is still a man that deserves love and respect.

  45. Wak

    Without Depp, I will never watch pirates of Caribbean again even all my generation.
    I will make it a taboo of my family.

  46. Sandy

    I will not go see this new move or buy it if Johnny Depp does not play Jack Sparrow. He is Jack Sparrow. So there goes a end to a great series in my opinion. I think u r making a big mistake Disney..

  47. miro kimo

    i think its pretty obvious already, but i will say it again.
    No depp no watch.
    No Jack Sparrow, then PoTC 6 doesn’t exist.

  48. Renee

    This movie won’t be worth seeing without Johnny. None of my family will be seeing any of the pirate movies unless they have Johnny playing Jack. Also, we won’t be watching any marvel movies going forward that have Amber Heard. They can be hypocrites but we don’t.

    1. Jenny

      The ship will sink!

  49. Peggy

    Without Johnny Depp they have nothing Captain Jack Sparrow, is the ONLY REASON people will spend their hard earned money to go see this film. #justiceforjohnny

  50. Kimberly Branam

    I will not be watching this pirates movie without Johnny Depp. He is and will always be Captain Jack Sparow.

  51. Jenny

    No Depp. No views. No money. No way.

  52. Usman

    No #Jhonny#Depp
    No views
    No love
    Only he is good for Jack sparrow role

  53. tiger

    We want johnny depp back as captain jack sparrow if there no johnny depp there captain jack sparrow or potc Or 6

  54. V.S

    Johnny Depp has to act in this movie, there is only ONE JACK SPARROW, and it’s him. Not some rebooted edition with Margot Robbie. JOHNNY DEPP ONLY PLEASE!!! HE IS THE TRUE JACK SPARROW!

    1. V.S

      Imma skip it if he ain’t there.

  55. Donna Turner

    Bring Johnny Depp back. I will not be watching without him.

  56. Michelle

    Hell Yes, bring back Johnny Depp! He is Jack Sparrow and vice versa. No one else could play that role and do it any justice. Personally I wouldn’t be interested in watching any more movies from that franchise without him.

  57. I won’t watch it if Johnny isn’t Jack Sparrow. He made the character. I think Disney & Warner Bros are making a big mistake.

  58. Pamela

    Without the real Johnny Depp being Jack Sparrow, I will not be seeing POTC6! I own all the rest and seen them hundreds of times because of him! He is what made those movies and that part Famous’s! Disney owes him an apology and a thank you for continuing to make money off his good name still to this day because of Captain Jack Sparrow! Don’t waste your time trying to get a cosplay actor to replace him either because we know
    the difference between the real Johnny as well! I enjoyed the Smashed up version trailer a lot as it made logical sense in writing of the script that would tie up a lot of loose ends with the actual stars to play the parts!

  59. Penni Simpson

    I want him to come back he makes the movie

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