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  1. Nick

    Just more reasons to go to Universal.

    This past year was a terrible trip. And honestly. Done with Disney. It’s over priced. It’s run down. The magic is gone.

    I’ll go enjoy the Portofino. Go to Harry Potter. And just have a much better time at Universal

    1. PB

      You also have to pay for fast pass there too. Disney was the last theme park not charging for what is an industry standard

      1. THX1138

        Here we go again!

      2. Ruthann

        Way to pricey it’s sad not to take your family to a high cost vacation

    2. TM

      You do know that Universal ExpressPass isn’t free, right? If you don’t buy that option, you’re looking at 60+ minute waits for the popular rides like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Universal has been charging for ExpressPass for years now.

      1. Chris

        Universal Includes their version of Fast Pass with all their Deluxe Resorts.

        This is a massive and unusual miss for Disney.

        1. Carol Maddox

          Good point.

      2. Steven Eldredge

        Universal Express is nothing like a Fastpass. It is much better. No schedule, no time windows, no app. You go on each attraction as you come to it. Each attraction is a walk on or a very short wait. Fastpass is garbage compared to Universal Express.

        You get Universal Express free if you are staying at the Portofino, Hard Rock, or Royal Pacific. These hotels are also cheaper than comparable Disney Resorts.

        Honestly, I have no idea why anyone even bothers to go to Disney. Disney is just an overpriced, frustrating rat race. It is magical though, they magicly suck your wallet dry.

        1. Anna M Estrada

          and cost alot more

    3. Turtledove

      Peace out, Seacrest!

      -Michael Scott

      1. Me

        Disney is so far from Walts original intent. When he said give the experience a “plus” he dis not mean the COST!!! Come on Disney!!! This is disgusting. Maybe you can charge for breathing too?

    4. Amanda Hyworren

      Fast passes always cost money at Universal. They just call them something else. I am not happy about the new pricing, but Universal has had a two tier system for line avoidance foryears now.

    5. Annual pass holder for years, live 45 minutes away! Maybe if they didn’t let a billion people in a day, the waits wouldn’t be so bad. Even Epcot is so overcrowded now. I’m wondering how the pass holders feel about this. The reservation system does not work for those of us who want to go spur of moment. They have taken away the Tables in Wonderland, which was big reason we always renewed. We probably won’t renew….just don’t really care anymore!

  2. Eric M

    Well Disney as figured out our a way to cut down on crowding:

    Price out most of their customers, and piss off those who can’t afford it with the constant cutting of perks and nickel and dimeing.

    RIP Disney Parks

    1. Blake

      Good it for the wealthy

    2. Blake

      Good leave it for the wealthy

  3. Manny

    You make it sound like the battle is over. Funny you are willing to fight tooth and nail over masks but not this. You need to disrupt this idea from the start. One do not buy into it and to make those who do extremely uncomfortable.

    1. Eric M

      Your solution to Disney greed is to be a douche to other people in the park?

      You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  4. Chris

    Honestly, Walt would never have accepted the VIP tours, let a lone this idea. His vision was that everyone would be on equal footing once in the park, you wouldn’t be able to spend money to get ahead of someone else in line. The free FPs would likely have been ok, as again, everyone was on equal footing.

    1. Grant

      I’m sorry but that just isn’t true. When both Disneyland and DisneyWorld opened you paid per ride in addition to a park entry fee. Rides were priced on a scale A through E with the best rides costing the most. There wasn’t a limit to how many rides you could buy and of course if you had the money you could ride those E ticket rides over and over.

      Also they have always had a some sort of VIP service, in fact Walt is known to have hosted some of these himself for major backers. It just wasn’t something commonly known and someone off the street just couldn’t ask for it, it was all about who you knew. A great deal more exclusive then it is today.

      1. David

        You are right on Grant! Walt was no saint, and we was certainly in it for the Money. Not sure why Disney lovers like to idolize the man.

        I am still not 100% this move is a cash grab, but if it is. More power to Disney. Lets be honest. Those of us making comments in this forum are not the target of Disney’s money making. Those of us complaining about the prices are not the folks that Disney wants to attract and bring into the parks. Its those that do not see the dollar signs that Disney wants in their parks.

      2. T Barnes

        Disney is a business. Businesses exist to make money. Pay the fees and go if this is how you choose to spend your money. However, Disney’s quality (in the parks and in their creativity) is not what it once was. The park experience does not offer the same overall quality as in the past. This combined with a more “entitled” and overall more rude society as a whole often makes the Disney “magic” difficult to find. Florida has so many other areas to see and explore. So, go the WDW, continue to pay if you choose to. Perhaps one day soon Disney can turn the tide back to an experience worth paying so much for.

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    I am paying for my entry into D-land, my parking pass, my meals and my souvenirs (if any) and NOTHING ELSE. I did the park thoroughly this summer, twice, without Fastpasses and I can do it again.
    Just love how they’re gouging the customers for everything they’ve got and not paying their cast members (life’s blood) a decent wage. I just love all their new ideals.

    1. Eric M

      Or you could do what I’m doing and just not go.

      It’s bizarre that your reaction to a company slapping you in the face is to give them hundreds of dollars. It is even more bizzare when you try to play the hero to the worker.

      If your convictions are so strong, skip the online virtue signaling and just take your business elsewhere!

      1. Martha

        If all these people who say they are never going to Disney again stay away, those of us who love Disney won’t have to worry about long lines or Fastpasses! Our society today is too much in a hurry to appreciate the good things in life.

    2. ShawnE

      That won’t be an option. Since everyone will pay the $20, those who don’t will have horrific waits.

      1. David a

        Surely if everyone pays the $20 they will be the ones with horrific waits whilst the standby lane is empty

        1. Angel

          Absolutely, my thought as well!

  6. George

    We knew this was coming, Disney taking full advantage of the pandemic to completely change the experience and gouge their guests for every last penny.

    Guess I’ll just stay a legacy passholder.

    1. Disney is becoming a rich man’s park. They are weaning out the little man. Sad this is not what Walt wanted at all just corporate greed

  7. DisneyPest

    After having two years of vacations cancelled and rescheduled due to the pandemic (visiting from Scotland). This has been the final straw for me and my partner. Once this was announced we decided just to cancel our holiday for next year, and don’t think we will ever be going back to Disneyworld. There is no benefit now from staying on site no more magic hours no more magical express no more fast pass no more dining plane. We calculated the extra cost with losing these benefits and it came close to an extra £3000 on our holiday and it’s just not worth it even though how much we love Disney.

    1. Alex Lue

      It’s a bummer things are just so expensive everywhere now.d

  8. rroe

    It’s all about money and greed my friends and Disney is excelling at both. Can the normal common family afford this any more?????

    1. Bill

      It’s just sad they have to the most magical places on earth and made it for the the rich
      My kids and grandkids have been there many times but my great grandkids will miss out now

  9. Fast Pass + was a perk for staying at a Disney resort along with magical hours. Now Disney is turning it into a money maker to make up for covid losses. The governor did not close them down; they chose to close. Paying for Fast Pass and extended evening hours only for Deluxe class guests is just another part of their plan being revealed. Villas and DVC is the 1% and paying for fast pass doesn’t bother them. Disney wants to attract the 1%. Sometimes, I wondered if I would save money if I was a local. Florida residents get deals. You are considered wealthy if you go once a year if you are from the north east (or if you are DVC). DVC is the price of a mortgage. I don’t think Walt would like the nickel and diming considering a Disney Vacation is the price of a used car. Although in the old days, they had tickets per ride. Sad, one more expense. Without fast pass, you spend your entire vacation in line.

  10. Chris

    We have a trip planned for November but it will be our last.
    We have gone to Disney at least 75+ times from up North over the last 30 + years. I don’t know how they seem to think that even with charging for Disney Genie+ is going to solve any problems. If a majority of people do pay for it then the lines are still just as long for that and shorter for standby. It doesn’t solve the long line issue it just moves it from 1 line to the other but they make a killing on it.
    They have gotten greedy and who knows where that will stop. I grew up loving Disney and so did my family but we are just done. Can’t afford it any longer.

    1. Alex Lue

      It’s terrible when they keep putting add ons that get in the way of your vacation. It’s a bummer when prices are going up, especially when people are still getting their feet back on the ground after the pandemic.

  11. Tamara

    There are other places to visit in Florida. Just say “no more” to Disney. I am.

    1. yoyo

      me too. Book Universal for pretty much same deal and save 350.00.

  12. Well, to be honest, disney h as figured it out, people are stupid so why not take advantage of them.

  13. DS

    Disney is going downhill fast. Quality has gone down while prices and unnecessary complexity have gone up.

  14. Jan

    Bob Chapek is the worst thing that has ever happened to Disney. The changes he has made in his short tenure thus far have just been all about money. The happiest place on earth is no longer a happy experience. I see no reason to stay at a Disney resort anymore (and we have ALWAYS stayed on property) because all the perks are gone. When extra magic hours went away, I was disgusted, and now with the fastpass system going away, come on!!! So disappointed in everything Disney these days. The magic is lost. Get rid of Chapek before it gets even worse!

    1. jo

      I agree Chapek is a money greedy non disney fan. He has finally ruined everything. Board needs look at what he has done and send him packing. Hurry board members. get him out. No reason to stay on property. Certainly staying off property is cheaper. May then I can afford to pay for fastpass. A free perk that is now gone.

    2. I agree! Since Chapek took over as CEO Disney has made a turn for the worse. I have been going to Disney World for over 45 years and I am also a DVC member. It used to mean staying on Disney property had perks, now it means nothing! They have taken away extra magic hours, fast passes and now charge people to park their cars at the hotels (unless you are a DVC member using points) among other major price increases. I also used to work at Disney World in the 80’s and 90’s and Disney was a much “happier” place! I feel the quality of Disney has gone down tremendously with technical difficulties causing ride closures daily. My family went to Disney World in June and it was the worst vacation I have ever had! There were NO trams running in any of the parks, the Disney hotel we stayed at we had problems with the room and we had to move ourself with no help from Disney, and there mobile food order app was terrible because either the food was cold when we picked it up or we had to wait for 30 minutes for it to be prepared when we told them we were at the restaurant. This is not what Walt Disney envisioned for families going to Disney! My family will be using our DVC to stay at hotels other than Disney. We have had enough!

  15. Annie

    They’re trying to recoup losses from being closed and all of their safety precautions expenses. Too bad at the expense of guests. After paying to stay at the resort and admission tickets, this seems excessive and downright greedy. Walt would be so saddened by the direction Disney has gone under the current management. Not to mention all the Woke junk!

  16. Gina

    What is Disney trying to do? Don’t they get enough money from ticket sales? I can’t believe that they need even more money! I know the pandemic has been hard on them, but it’s been hard on everyone. What has the happiest place on earth come to? It’s seems it is now the most money hungry place on Earth. Give the middle class a break or is this the whole idea? Disney is now only for the rich.

    1. David

      I really think they are trying to push back on their own model. Based on my estimate, 60% of all daily riders on rides came from the fast pass lines. I think they are trying to shift that back in favor of the standby lines in order to not have the posted wait times look so horrible. That is a major problem Disney has. Honestly I think they learned this during COVID with no Fast Passes. Even with a decent capacity there are times that lines that are normally never under 60min are in the 10-15min range. I think the lack of Fast Passes is a big contributor to that if you think about the math of the above Total Daily Rider Ratio.

  17. DeNell

    So disappointed in Disney doing is becoming almost impossible for a family to attend because of the amount of tickets, parking, and add-one. I don’t believe Walt would be happy with the direction this has taken.

  18. Jenny Carter

    We have talked about it and our future trips to Disney will have less Disney time and more time at attractions in the area. We’ve already stopped staying at Disney hotels. It will be a slow process that our yearly trip will involve less and less Disney as time goes on.

    1. Kirby Holden

      13 trips and this year will be my families last for a long time. 1st changes to our non expiring tickets then no parade, multiple rides closed, no pics with characters and charges for many things and places to watch fireworks TV hat used to be free. We can now do Hawaii and busch gardens together cheaper than disney. So sad all the changes. We had a great system worked out with fast pass system to ride everything, so much for that.

  19. David

    I think this is less Disney looking for a cash grab, and more Disney trying to solve a problem they caused themselves. Fast Passes were a great thing when they were first introduced. They allowed people to gain reentry into a ride on a timetable that meant they could save some time standing in line.

    Where things got off the rails was the overuse, and dependence on fast passes. Because they were free, and could be booked so far in advance, they ended up no longer being that “Fast”. Disney was forced to open availability in order to accommodate it being a “perk” of staying on resort. What this meant was that the standby lines got longer (Because of fast pass guest), and even worse, fast pass lines were now an actual line, and no longer a walk on.

    Inherently Disney created two lines for every ride. The “Faster Option”, and the “Slower Option”. Because of the faster option, it caused the slower option to be even slower. This meant that if you didn’t have a fast pass, you were basically doomed to wait what felt like (and sometimes was) half the day in one line.

    So they looked at Universal. As someone mentioned, Universals express lanes do not require timed entry, and also seem to always be close to instantaneous walk-ons. What they are striving to do is limit the lightning lanes so that only a small percentage of people will try to use it, and of course those that do, they will pocket some extra dough. What they are “hoping” is that this will cause standby times to stay relatively low (As we have seen during COVID), and also allow those with the cash to pony up to reduce their wait time.

    My personal hope is that they will really cut back on the availability for the lightning lanes, and only allow it to be 5-10% of the daily ride capacity. Prior to covid, fast passes accounted for (My estimate) over 65% of all total riders in a day.

    Personally I am not sure if I will utilize the lightning lanes or not. I think it will depend on availability, price, and park capacity the day I am there. I see a lot of folks complaints, and understand them, I just hope that folks might be open to giving the new model a try before breaking out the pitchforks. Remember how breaking out the pitchforks turned out for our friend Gaston….


    I don’t see why some people would give up ever going to Disney World just because they would have to pay extra to cut to the front of a line. Sorry, but what makes any one person better than those who wait in the regular lines. Those who use fast passes more than likely think they are so much better than those who don’t because they can get on the rides much faster. Who cares if you have to pay an additional $20.00 per ticket per day. I would still love to go to Disney World and would be more than happy to pay the extra cost. If most people would realize, Disney is trying to make money after having been shut down for a very long time. You all feel that you are so entitled to go to the parks and just get your own way without having to pay extra….to me….that means you don’t want the parks to make money to keep the place running for years to come. It takes a huge amount to keep Disney World and Disneyland running smoothly but none of you care about that. All you care about is yourselves getting to the front of the line before the ones in the regular line. If you are so entitled than you should pay the extra cost.

    1. Chele

      Exactly 💯 % agree with you. It blows me away how people are acting about the change. I love it and welcome it.

  21. We have had to cancel twice due to vivid. 2019 we got free dining and magic express fast pass and free wristbands. Now none of this it’s cost so much more we have booked for 2020 but I am looking at cancelling the whole thing cheaper to lose deposit than pay the extras. Sorry Disney you are a greedy company. I am sure Walt Disney would be ashamed.

  22. Mike

    Operationally, this is a disastrous move.

    Fast pass was brilliant from an operations standpoint.. It allowed Disney to more or less schedule their capacity. They could vary the amount of fast passes for certainn attractions at certain times to line up with trends and staffing. From an efficiency standpoint, Disney would want everything guests do to be like this, because it allows them to not only plan for their days, but also set how their day would flow.

    Disney had the ability with FP to spread people out at open so that the main attractions arent slammed at rope drop as badly. People are more likely to enter and stop for a coffee or a snack if they know they’ve got their mine train scheduled for 4pm. It allowed them to offer a boatload of post lunch shows, which makes people far more likely to have a big and expensive lunch if they know that after their reservation they’ve got a good show to sit and digest through vs mission space.

    Truthfully, operationally Disney should encourage EVERYTHING to be scheduled with something like fast pass or mobile order windows.

  23. Chele

    Who isn’t in business for the money? I’d rather pay to get on a ride I haven’t rode yet due to the lines have always been too long. My daughter and I have wanted to ride FAP since it opened but have not because we don’t want to waste time in the line we’d rather ride other rides and still have fun. I love the Genie+ idea!! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Wendy

    I am an infrequent international visitor to the Disney parks. So when I do go I want to get the most out of my visit. So to add $20.00 a day per person to be able to do more rides is fine by me. After $1,000 per person flight costs, $300 to $600 a night hotel costs, dining reservations around $40.00 per person whats another $20.00 to do a ride that could otherwise not happen or cause you to lose 1 to 2 hours in a wait line. To compare : a NYC broadway ticket is over $200.00 per person for 2 hours of entertainment with hotels equally or more expensive . I will be more than happy to pay the lightening lane cost and get out of line.🙂🙂

    1. Alex Lue

      I love your optimism and point of view. Really great points.

  25. Mr Averare

    Unfortunately Disney is now catering to the rich and becoming elitist. Too bad, the family enjoyed it. We are now being priced out.

  26. Bill

    It’s just sad they have to the most magical places on earth and made it for the the rich
    My kids and grandkids have been there many times but my great grandkids will miss out now

  27. Cathy

    Now add a ticket to the Halloween Party or Christmas Party for $169 – $199 when they offer less in the parties.

    Hubby is a 44 year veteran. We met standing in line at BTMRR. No one loved Disney more than we did. Then Iger arrived.

    Now Disney is to screw my hubs. Long story.

    Anyway …..

    Disney no longer looks at us as treasured guests. Remember those days when pixie dust oozed once you went under that WDW road sign. You could feel it from everyone, those little kindnesses that popped up.

    We are now wallets to pickpocket….. all with a happy cover story.

  28. Edward P Giering

    Two bad choices:
    1: Charging for FastPasses (effectively) for which you may get nothing if they get overbooked.
    2. Dropping Magical Express which would have been worth paying for (which we did when it was and soon will be) run by Mears and which probably won’t include luggage service.

  29. As a UK Disney lover of Florida I am disgusted by this money grabbing move by Disney. I hope people vote with there feet and stay away until they change their mind. Shame on you Disney

  30. Bear

    Walt would be rolling over in his grave . I love Disneyland and have been going since the 70s and have seen its decline over the years because all they want is more money. I’m not a wealthy person and it just becoming to much money to be able to go to the park and now the add a fast pass you have to pay for ! Shame on you Disney

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