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  1. frank

    They’re such pieces of trash. Don’t be overwhelmed guys! We gave you something no one wanted and will force you to spend more money on an already overpriced park! Its actually very good!

  2. Joseph Kastner

    We offered you a solution to a problem we ourselves created. Dont be overwhelmed. Blow me

  3. Jerid

    This used to be free, and now it costs money. Plus lines will get longer for the peasants as those who can afford it pay to skip lines. The only thing that is overwhelming is the gall that they thought we would all be dumb enough to think this was a good thing. I understand the greed, but I don’t understand why on Earth they thought most Disney fans would celebrate this announcement. How appropriate that they named this blatant money grab “Genie”

    1. Dianne N.

      I was an annual pass holder to Disneyland for years, then I had enough of less perks/more $$, so gave it up. I wasn’t a Max+ fan. I did use Fast Pass. For Disneyland, the photos would be nice and help to defer the cost. What I saw was longer queues for the Fast Pass/Max+ and shorter for Standby. Now I’ll be taking my gkiddos to WDW for 9 days. Nine days seems like a lot, but we will only go to 1 park per day, and only 1 park will be visited 2x. There are rides these kiddos want to ride that they may not get to, depending on breakdowns, rain, only being able to have one day to make it happen. For me, I will pay for the joy on those kiddos faces. We’ve planned this trip for over a year, and now they just lost their mom 2 weeks ago. Joy is worth the money for them to feel for a day, and me to see the smiles that look like my daughter’s. Put cost with the experience you want to have. I won’t be doing a hopper because I don’t want to spend hours traveling on a bus to get to theme parks. It is all in what you want to experience.

  4. ChadMC

    I think about the people who do not have smart phones and are willing to be buried in the screen of their phone ALL day long to use these apps. The elderly often don’t have smartphones. I guess they are just 100% shut out of experiencing anything at Disney now. So much for people wanting to take an actual vacation and shut their phone off to disconnect. Disney is making that impossible ensuring they must stay with your face buried in the phone. At that point, why go? Any level of value is long gone now and the magic just fades away more and more. Sad.

  5. Sebastian Hale

    I WOULD be excited for this new Genie App to debut, if the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Royal Hall are both included in it.

  6. Mark Bustamante

    This SUCKS!! Boycott Disney. Do not let Disney get away with this MONEY GRAB!!

  7. Tamara

    I never had a problem with the old system. I do not want to walk around with my face stuck in a phone let alone pay extra for this use. Not the magical experience anymore of walking around and just taking in the beauty of the parks if your face is on the phone screen updating over and over. I will put my phone in my handbag and go elsewhere in Florida. There are other places that still invite visitors without the hassles.

  8. Have vacation planned for June with wife, 3 grandchildren, 2 daughters and their husbands!!! And Disney and this D’Amaro thinks they are doing me a favor!?!?!? Count the financial costs of this “genie” boondoggle, annual passes, DVC membership, and add the continuance aggravation of working this $$$ grabbing ride reservation system and explain to me how this beneficial???

  9. TK

    “We are operating in the best interest of our super fans”. Umm, no…you aren’t. As someone else said, this is just lipstick on a pig.

  10. Nick

    The beneficiary of this new system is Disney, and by a wide margin. Their gain is money, control and planning ability.
    It’s no bargain for guests because, unlike the old FP system, you can’t plan your day in advance because of the one attraction at a time restriction. It also costs money, initially, and more money with the more popular attractions.
    Still, everyone has free will.

  11. yoyo

    D’Amaro is a complete Chapek suck up. No way this genie is a good thing. I usually leave my phone in my room as I don’t need to call anyone back in Okla. I have a small digital camera I take (with no character meets or parades don’t need camera either). I can’t see how trying to figure out my next move all day long is helpful. The magic band was perfect, easy. I hope Disney knows I am part of my phone bill off at the end of the year. That come back to them. I hope everyone who is forced to use phone rights it off at end of yr. This does not create a better experience, except for greedy man Chapek.

  12. Mike E Gunthner

    im just getting to know the My Experiance app on my phone for my up coming trip from Calif, the last time I visit the WDW in 2013 and never used the technology on my phone, I still like hard copies of my intenuary for safety measures just in case…. 2. the fort wilderness and other resorts have spotty internet service and may not have service to access the internet for mobile ordering and etc..

  13. SG

    Boycott Genie!

    If D’Amarco really LISTENED to us he would have capped ticket prices, made rides bigger to begin with so lines would be shorter, made Halloween and Christmas events included in the astronomical daily ticket prices, built more affordable/Economy resorts, and numerous other ideas from our creative public aka Disney’s Bread and Butter! And more importantly, brought back Fast Pass NOT create Genie who not so magically lightens our wallets! Lightening Lane, more like Loser Lane!

    Boycott Genie!

  14. Kari

    Boycott Genie!!! D’Amaro needs to go!!!!!!!!!

    1. yoyo

      So does greedy man Chapek.

  15. Walt and Roy Disney I wish your grandchildren could step in and stop the insanity and money grab that is happening. This is no longer a Magical Place. They can shove the Genie+ as it will not enhance my experience by emptying my wallet any further. As annual pass holders in the past to both DW and DL this has definitely stopped me in my tracks. I will not buy annual passes again or book a vacation to either park. Stop the greed Disney. Bring back fast passes and free parades and Magical Express/Disney Express and I will come back until then bye bye.

    1. Jeremy

      Not that I’m a huge fan of the, but the whole “Walt is spinning in his grave” thing is overstated. You literally had to provide a ticket for every single ride you were on until the 80s. Better rides cost more money. The biggest reason for insane lines is that you have the same cost to go on small world as space mountain. That will drive lines. Something about that contributes.

  16. Walt

    The extra cost of staying at a Disney World Resort hotel was worth it to us because of the perks, Magical Express, Extra Magic Hours, being able to make FastPass+ and dining reservations early. We were able to plan our days in advance and have stress free days in the parks following our plan. Now it looks like each day will be filled with stress trying to negotiate the Genie app each and every minute trying to fit in the things we want to do and see. I can’t wait until the Genie does his calculus and tells us as we exit the Monorail that we have all of 5 minutes to get Grandma, Grandpa and a five year-old to Thunder Mountain Railway. – Disney should have kept things as they were and raised the ticket prices. After the pandemic we just wanted to return to the familiar.

  17. Josh D. I consider my self a super fan and this new Genie rollout SUCKS. So lets recap what you and your millionaire cohorts have done just in the last 3 years or so for your super fans, pay for parking at resorts, eliminated 3 free fast passes per guest, price hikes on annual passes and food with reduced menus, dropped magical express luggage service, cut out all parades and meet and greets, no fireworks for a year and a half and outdoor Fantasmic has yet to return, no free magic bands for staying at a Disney resort where does this making a better experience crap stop. mic drop, out!

  18. Jamie

    More for less (again) when you are already paying premium cost. I think calls for a park boycott will never work because to many people are willing to shell out whatever it takes but I bet if enough people cancel Disney + that will get their attention. I did so yesterday and am encouraging all my friends and family to do so too. If you do make sure you list corporate greed as your reason.

  19. Eugenia

    I am a fan that is excited by the new system. We are renting a six bedroom/four bathroom house for the same nightly rate as one room at Pop Century. With the savings on accommodations, we can afford the $15 a day for each ticket. The old system made staying in cramped accommodations at a Disney Resort absolutely necessary for good Fast Pass selections. This way I have a Washer/Dryer, Kitchen, Living area and many bedrooms/bathrooms. Paying the extra for Fast Pass is still a lot cheaper than paying for enough rooms at a Disney Resort for 8 people!

    1. Jolyth

      You do realize that staying off site makes you less likely to get access to those line skipping rides you want right?

      If you stay off site, you do not get access to the system until you are physically IN the park. Which means, everyone staying on site starts at 7am the day of. Then you, and thousands of others staying off site, have to sit in line to get into the parking lot. Then get to the entrance. Then get physically inside the park to make your selections. Good luck with that

      1. JM

        Not exactly. You can be physically in the park before it opens. We’ve done this several times. You don’t need to show up right at 9 am. Get there as.early as 7:30, and they will let you wait as close as you can.

        Since no one else is able to book these months in advance anymore, the real question is going to be how they manage capacity. That was what ruled how many FastPasses were given out, and with on site visitors getting a whole month advantage over the rest of us, many of them disappeared within the week they were available.

        But here we have about two hours, and we are all limited to just one at a time, and you can’t book anymore until the time of the one you have.

        This is likely going to make a much more even playing field. But even before, many of us managed to make it all work off-site. The advantages to staying on site never were that great to me, not enough to justify the cost involved.

  20. Matthew Brewster

    So, exactly what did D’Amato say? He did not explain ANYTHING!!! This is a non-story!

  21. DH

    Yeah totally doing it for the “guests” when this was alienate most of your guests plus make it were most people won’t be able to afford a Disney vacation anymore. Just be honest at least with your ridiculous money grab. Tell the truth, “We were disappointed by the money we didn’t make cause of a pandamic, so we’re gonna take it out on everyone by nickel and diming you as much as humanly possible. But we’ll claim it’s in your best interest.”

  22. WhyGodWhy

    This is an example of just how corrupt these people are. I say we we start a movement to boycott attendance to make them realize how wrong they are for this.

  23. JM

    OMG, people really need to shut up about this.

    We don’t know how the rollout will go. We don’t know how well it work yet. We don’t know that this will be the one thing to destroy the parks.

    Big picture though. We do know literally EVERY park operator in America charges customers to skip the line at rides. Disney’s free system was inevitably going to go away. But most other parks charge PER RIDE, not per day.

    Disney’s price point is still beating the nearest competitor Universal here. At Disney, you’ll only pay the 15 per day. At Universal, it’s that per ride.

    I know what you’re thinking. But those tier 1 rides are a separate charge. This is correct, but as always, there’s a caveat. There are only two of such rides at each park. At worst, you only need an extra charge for two.

    And I am willing to bet we won’t need many of these practically speaking. I probably won’t.

    And this is being done based on feedback from park guests. It’s hardly something “no one wanted.”

    Bottom line here. I hate to see something free retreat between a pay wall. But Disney has picked the right price point for this. We need to wait and see what happens on launch week, and about a month later to see how it is working in length. It’s just too early to know for sure. Everyone should just calm down about it.

    1. Isadora

      Universal fast pass price is per person per day, plus if you stay at a resort hotel you get the fast passes for FREE

    2. John


  24. Isadora

    Next they’ll reintroduced the ticket book from the 1950s

  25. Jess

    I loved the old system where you could plan ahead and add in all the experiences you wanted over the course of the vacation. It was work to set things up ahead of time BUT the reward was being able to unplug from your phone and have peace of mind that you don’t need to have FOMO or be anxious about getting to everything. You could relax with peace of mind that you will get to the things you value most. You could enjoy your family and the park and not be buzzed by your phone or decide what to do in the moment. This system will drain my phone and cause my family to argue in the moment about what to do next, and make me anxious, and take away the time when my head should be out of my phone and enjoying my family. I want to be fully present during the vacation and this feels so stressful. I don’t even care as much about the money as I do about ruining the experience. It seems every comment about this system is negative. I know change breeds some negativity because people are creatures of habit. But I think that shrugging this off to that phenomenon is condescending and inaccurate. Based on the feedback from fans, and roll back this system and modify it based on feedback. For me, I want a way to plan ahead, I’ll pay extra for that but not to be constantly interrupted by a phone app during my vacation. Disney executives should swallow their egos and recognize that the flaws will turn people off. If they are returning customers and they have a less magical experience, they will look somewhere else for their vacation.

  26. Marybeth

    Have experienced Genie plus the last two days. Or I should say the separating of peasant and princess at Disney World. We did not do the Genie plus because of cost. Wait times were longer than posted wait times almost every single ride. For example, 60 minutes posted wait time was actually 90 minutes. 50 lightning pass people allowed on ride, then a family group of standard riders was let on(3 people) and then 53 lightning riders, then a family of 2 from the standard line, then 50 lightning riders and so on. It’s disgusting. There were a LOT of very angry people watching this go down. For us, this was our first time at Disney World and our last. We can find better vacations for this kind of money that don’t involve paying a huge amount for tickets to ride rides that you don’t get to ride unless you fork out even more money. We felt like second rate citizens at Disney. Not magical. At all.

  27. John

    Disney GENIE IS OVER PRICED . Took us from a better free service to a paid service that is horrible. It’s time for me to start going to Universal again , haven’t been back to Universal just before they open Harry Potter. Now that transportation from airport is being taken away charging for a horrible service that was better when it was free. I live in PENNSYLVANIA come down n spend over 20 days a years at DISNEY PARKS no where else In Florida. Well that will change this year will cut my Disney trip in half n go to Universal and Sea World haven’t been in along time. Disney doesn’t care anymore about families it only cares about the stock holders very sad time.

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