Comments for ‘Thor’ Star Unexpectedly Walks Out of New HBO Movie, Network Pulls Plug

natalie portman (left) and chris hemsworth (right) in thor

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Phillip Hudson

    I wish Portman had walked out on the first Thor film. Maybe they would have switched Kat Dennings into the role and Jane would have been better.

    1. Pablo Paul

      She did walk out on the second one (Thor dark world) but not early enough to recast her, she has a history of doing that

    2. Lisa Hall

      I don’t know you, Phillip, but I love you. I’ve been saying this for years! The idea that she’s waving the hammer around in some leaked shots… Disgusting. It’s the first Marvel film I think desire to see. Maybe when it comes to home viewing, so I can fast forward. ?

    3. Tracy

      I also thought she wanted nothing more to do with Marvel movies and yet here she is

  2. Dad

    Looks like she abandoned it, LOL.

  3. Life happens and we don’t know what goes on in or behind the scenes of a movie or what could be going on in her life ,for what ever reason I wish her wellbeing and a mindful happy life.

    1. mai

      Okay she walked out why not get another actress, pull the plug on a movie that’s kind of a waste because she has personal issues or whatever issues there’s people out there that need JOBS,are actors and actresses, pick someone NEW…what a concept!

  4. joe mama

    Just another in a long line of spoiled brats who think they’re special and pulling the plug on the movie just lends to her asinine assumptions that she is “SPECIAL”!!!

  5. Tom

    My friend was working on the set. She pooped her pants and it fell out! She quit out of embarrassment.

    1. Donald Wood

      This is a true statement!
      Verified by “your friend”…

  6. Gail Crisp

    Isn’t she pregnant also definitely make her pop huge tummy

  7. Gail Crisp

    Pregnant and no doubt

  8. Deborah Jo Burnham

    I stopped watching MCU when it went dark. Love Loki on Disney. Just hate his clothes. Looks like a janitor.

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