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grogu touching din djarin helmet

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  1. We will going to 4

  2. Mabs

    You know you shouldn’t write things unless your 100% true about the subject nothing has been confirmed yet . Disney should tell the fans all in good time. As for Pedro Pascal wanting more Helmet off time. well we have already been there before months ago! the other is it could also be part of Din’s story moving on realising that only his creed keep their helmets on not all Mandalorians.

  3. BigDaddyCool

    No it’s not ending after season 3! First of all you need to get your casting news straight. Yes, Sebastian Stan is going to be playing Luke. No, Brie Larson is NOT going to be playing Mara Jade – that role went to Karen Gillian.

    Second it’s already been confirmed that Jon and Dave are working on seasons 3and 4 of The Mandalorian at the same time, as well as retooling Knights of the New Republic under a different title. That series was supposed to center around Gina Carson’s character Cara Dune. But since she was fired in February that series was scrapped and it is now being reworked even though Gina is being hired back. There are a lot of stories being worked on by Jon and Dave besides The Mandalorian. They are also working on the Asoka series as well as the Kenobi series, and they are working on bringing in elements from Star Wars: Legends into the storyline including Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    But for those of you that prefer your Star Wars to be more ‘Woke’ rather than ‘traditional’, you only have The Acolyte to look forward to.


    Judging by how many writers and directors Mad Queen Kathleen keeps hiring and firing from that hot mess of a TV Show I doubt that it will ever see the light of day.

  4. Fatema Karim

    The Mandalorian is a cash cow! Why kill it?

  5. Colin

    Considering it is basically a copy of Lone Wolf and Cub, which only went three seasons, I am not surprised.

  6. Ed Dart

    If the ratings are good, then it will keep going. You end a good show, they are to hard to come by.

  7. James Holloway

    This bad news if its the case. I think it’s more to do with Pedro himself as an actor. Seems to have been some artistic differences. I hope it continues, great series!

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