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  1. John

    Coming to Disney for 20 years with my kids, this is one big reason why we liked it. So convenient. Made the experience exciting too. I think it’s a HUGE mistake them getting rid of this.

    1. John W

      I agree that Disney is making a huge mistake by discontinue the Magic Express Buses. It’s going to be an Big lost of starting the Disney Magic from the airport.

    2. Joe

      Its actually a brilliant move by Disney. There are other services that will offer similar transportation. This service was never really ‘free’ – the cost was just rolled into your resort stay. They still had to pay Mears to run the service. Now, you can shop around for the best transportation to fit your needs independently of Disney. And for the comments around now staying offsite – the 30 minute early entry for Disney Resort guests is enough of a perk to retain folks. Rope dropping will be meaningless for those that stay offsite as they will be 30 minutes behind the onsite guests.

      1. Dale

        Not a brilliant move by Disney. A money grab as Disney lowers their costs and guests will rent a car and have to pay parking fees at Disney hotels. A huge perk that will be missed by many loyal Disney guests. You state is wasn’t free and the cost was rolled into our resort stay. Will Disney now lower our resort stay because no longer will have the Mears cost. No they absolutely won’t. Been going to Disney for many years and I’m just saying…BIG MISTAKE..by Disney.

      2. Dale

        NOT a brilliant move by Disney. A huge perk that will be sorely missed by many many Disney guests. Another lost perk as guests will now rent cars and be forced to pay money grabbing parking fees at Disney Hotels. Or guests may opt to stay off property. You state that Magical Express costs were rolled into our resort stay so now will they lower the cost of our resort stay.NO! We have traveled to Disney for many years and I’m just saying this is a BIG MISTAKE by Disney as they continue to make it an easy decision to seek other vacations.

      3. Dar

        Bring back Extra Evening Hours, MK closed at 1, 2, and a few years back, even 3 am, 2-3 nights a week. Early Entry for families with little ones, won’t be as crowded. Not happening, shorter hours, less payroll. Upper Class will pay $9 to &20 per ride, to replace free Fast Pass!

    3. Jerry

      I hate being a pack mule so we opted for Disney solely due to Magical Express and the luggage appearing in my room. Now that I’m a pack mule again, I may choose other vacations that allow for more savings and convenience.

    4. Do you think crowds are smaller because of kids going back to school and not because the Magical Express is coming to an end in 3 MONTHS…

  2. Bob

    It was one of the nicest perks. Didn’t fly last couple trips. But my wife and I flew down for a couple adult only weekends at the park. And this made it so simple. Especially when the luggage was included which I hear already went away

    1. Pat

      Just to say again. This is usually peak travel time for guests from the UK. The would normally be thousands of people travelling to the parks so I am guessing this may account for some of the low numbers being seen as we are not allowed in yet. Which is fair given the way things are at the moment.

  3. CJ

    I absolutely loved the Magical Express! It was a great way to start and end our vacation. I really wish they weren’t getting rid of this. Our last bus driver (Reuben) was so much fun! I really hope he was just transferred somewhere else because he did such a good job!

    1. ryan

      we have been coming to Disney for 13 years and we think it is a big mistake to get rid of the magical express. we fly in from midway airport it is so nice not to drive to the parks. then have to pay for parking.. we are coming down in October then next February.

  4. Michael

    They are doing this to pave way for the train to the airport because Orlando is going to have a high speed train stop at the airport and Disney wants to cash in on that

    1. Kevin B

      Maybe, but when will the train be ready?
      I echo what others are saying… getting rid of the ME is a big mistake. It will definitely have me shopping for non Disney lodging the next time we consider visiting.

      1. SandC

        The Magical Express began as a brilliant marketing move to keep the hotels and restaurants full on Disney property by “trapping” guests in WDW for the entirety of their vacation. It worked for us! As much as we’ve wanted to stay offsite, visit Universal, spend less on food costs, etc., the benefits of being on property (including DME), always outweighed our desire to do those other things. We also have 5 kids, so renting a car, lugging car seats, and paying for parking never really appealed to us. We are just returning from a 9 day trip where we used DME and stayed on property for the entire trip, and while we had a great time, it will be the last! We stayed in 2 tiny value rooms for $225/night and on average paid $350/meal for a table service meal. Staying off property, we can get much better accommodations for half the price and a meal for about $75, which will give us plenty of $ left to rent a car and pay for parking. We are also finally looking forward to visiting Universal and Sea World, so while we were likely to spend 100% of our vacation time and money with Disney until now, that will probably decrease to about 30% on our next trip as we visit non-Disney parks, eat at non-Disney restaurants, stay at non-Disney hotels, and use non-Disney transportation. We will likely spend much less doing it this way, and there really are no perks to staying onsite that we will miss out on. Funny, because these exact reasons are why DME was established in the first place inn2005.

  5. H.S

    This is kinda sad that it’s not going to be there anymore.

  6. DonB

    Just another perk reduction for WDW. As long time DVC members we have watched all of the things that made us become highly invested members disappear one by one. Getting rid of this along with annual passes and several other things has made us decide to start going elsewhere. Seems obvious the new CEO doesn’t care about traditions or the guests.

  7. Bev

    I could be wrong but I don’t think the train will be helpful. Families will have to get off at Disney Springs and take another means of transportation to their resort.

    1. Raf

      I still see people using the Magical Express service, and I’ve seen lines with long wait times as recently as last week.

      I’ve observed buses with and without DME livery, as well as a few Mears shuttles. Shuttles might be the way to go, offering shorter routes and more frequent departures.

      I don’t see the train as a factor. The connection to terminal C hasn’t been completed, and there currently is no station at or near Disney Springs

    2. Sut

      Its empty because it is now the slow season…Kids in school, and covid = no lines. Duh.

  8. Gary

    Just another experience cut in a long list of cuts by the new CEO hatchet man!!! What’s next removal of or pay per bathroom visit? They complain about losses with civid- hello who isn’t losing!!

  9. Sue Tough


    I am a Resident from the UK who was booked to come to Disney Florida for my ’70th’ birthday in end March 2020. The Uk went into lockdown 4 days before my birthday sooo EVERYTHING was cancelled including our 14day trip with my 2 sons, 2 daughters in law and 4 Grandchildren. We had even chosen our fast passes. USA Border for UK closed and remains closed!! ,Uk has opened up our borders for US people and I think it is about time Mr Biden resipricated and did the same.. we have recheduled about 3 times and now recheduled again for Easter 2022. I was locked in again this year March and really want to visit Disney World. Never been before and soo want to come next year, my 72nd birthday with all the family. No wonder the Magical Express is quiet no BRITS can come!!

    1. ChiChi

      Biden is the purest form of trash. I’m sorry about your trip. I hope you visit for your 72nd birthday

      1. Steve

        Keep your hate to yourself

      2. Gern Blanston

        ChiChi is the purest form of trash. I’m sorry about your comment.

    2. Jenn

      I hope all is well for you by then! Just keep your eyes peeled for increasing pricing costs, especially the new paid fast passes…

    3. Ali

      Florida is REALLY unsafe right now and many hospitals are at or near capacity. Even if you could come here now, I’d recommend waiting until it is safe.

  10. KC

    I have only ever used the service one time and that was a super stressful experience. Free is great but my experience was not.

  11. GN

    Complimentary and complementary are not the same.

  12. Joc

    It’s only like that cause it August. Which is the least crowded time. The crowds will be back very soon. The service isn’t going away until end of the year.

  13. John N Zimmerman

    To Joe that said it wasn’t free and was rolled into your resort stay. Does that mean you can expect lower resort charges?? I don’t think so!! I live in FL an hour away and refuse to go anymore. They are pricing themselves out of business.

  14. DVC Ray

    Just there last week and it was mobbed. Boo hoo you guys always want to complain. We’re DVC and go 3 times a year and aren’t complaining. Thats life guys. How bout Universal ?? They have no transportation, a more expensive fast pass and their parks are half-day each but nobody ever complains…ridiculous.

  15. Jenn

    Yeah, right?! Except for the crazy heat, I would love to go with lower crowds in the parks right now. I never used magical express anyway…

  16. Wcjeep

    Rode the Magical Express in April 2021. 2-3 hr wait for the bus. Glad this train wreck is ending.

  17. Carol H Tucker

    The Magical Express was a huge benefit for staying on site. To check your luggage in as you got on the plane and not have to worry about it again. To be able to check your luggage at the resort and have it show up when you deplaned at home. Especially for families and those with mobility issues, it was a great relief, and it bookended the vacation magic nicely. WDW is making a mistake taking this perk away

    1. Beth

      I agree with you! The luggage service was a big part of the magic! Losing that (and soon DME itself) makes trips much more mundane. 😢

  18. Richard

    We used the service a couple years ago and it took three hours to get a bus. This past summer we rented a car and it was so much quicker. It took us thirty minutes after landing to get our bags and then get the car. And it only took like a twenty minute drive to get to Pop Century.

  19. Lady Jane

    DME was a huge perk to our family and our experiences with it were 100% seamless and trouble free. This singular loss is not the reason we will be looking to vacation elsewhere. Rather it’s the sum-total of the chipping away at what we had come to expect from a WDW vacation. Lots of things big and small have changed in recent years and on our trip this Oct we will decide if or when we will be coming back anytime soon. It’s not a matter of not being able to afford it. With any purchase you ask yourself, “Is this [insert name of product] worth the cost?”. We’ve been visiting Disney Parks since 1987. We may be filing for a “divorce” from this long-term relationship. Reason: Irreconcilable Differences!

  20. Charlie B

    Our family have been DVC members since the beginning in 1992. The Magical Express made vacation travel so easy for a family. You were driven to your resort and your luggage arrived. You departed, received airplane boarding pass and luggage was at your home airport.
    Disney was ONCE the master of service for family vacations. This is not progress but corporate recission backwards.
    Disney wants families to come and spend $$ but is giving less service for the $$.
    I read their financial reports and the stock keeps going up.
    But service and quality is declining.

  21. Charlie B

    We have been DVC members since 1992 original date and went to Disney prior to than numerous times.
    Have used Magical Express every year. Have a large family and was so easy to drop luggage at airport and it arrived at our resort. Got on bus to go there. Upon departing dropped luggage in lobby and it arrived in our home airport, received air boarding pass and took bus to airport . Very easy with children and grandchildren.
    We did this every year. Now need to retrieve luggage and get ride to resort.
    Disney is going backwards in service and it should not be. Per financial reports and stock going up they are doing well.
    Corporate greed coming in and Walt would not like it.

  22. Jude

    We went down to Disney two weeks ago. Huge lines for the Magical Express. We were lucky. Once we finally got to a line (after waiting for them hauling our luggage across two terminals) we were put in the shortest line (for Polynesian) and waited 10 minutes. The other lines were super long with no other busses in site.

  23. Jeff Teague

    Disney is losing so much money with everything woke they are cutting back to recup some of their losses.

  24. Justin

    So another words you had to rent a car is that correct

  25. David

    We attempted magical express in June of 2021. Line was as far back as I’ve ever seen it. One couple had been in line for an hour. We used a Lyft instead. It was 42.00 but we were at the hotel in 25 minutes. We use Lyft all around the resorts as well. You pay but get to placed much faster and private

  26. Theresa Burd

    Bad choices from the mouse house again! ME was a big reason we flew our kids down this year. They hopped right on the bus and we met them at our campsite. They’re certainly not going to lower any rates since they’re getting rid of this service. That’s just ludacris! And the whole train idea isn’t very helpful because you’ll have to be a pack mule and haul all of your luggage to Disney Springs and then hop aboard whatever transportation takes you and your luggage to your destination resort.

  27. Tommy

    We have been DVC members since 2008. The Magical Express was one of the best things going. Took us to our resort, and back to the airport to go home. Didn’t worry about our luggage. We’ll miss it!

  28. DVCyaLater

    Its a mistake economically for Disney. Yes, they are getting rid of the cost of the service, but at what real expense. You were able to create an ecosystem that was self-contained from the moment people drove to the airport from their homes. They board the plane, fly to Orlando, and remain in your bubble. They board the Magical Express, go the their resort, buy the resort food, buy the Disney schwag, and drink Disney from a firehose. Now that I will be renting a car, Universal Studios will replace at least one day of my usual Disney-centric trip. We will go spend a couple hundred dollars at a local restaurant for dinner one or two nights. We will go shopping at other places and spend money elsewhere. You had me kidnapped along with my wallet….now you dont. What if my kids really like Sea World, Universal, and other places in the area(go-karts, water parks, etc.). They would never have known, but now they will and my Disney trip will potentially become an Orlando trip.

  29. T. Rees

    My family have been enjoying holidays at Disneyworld for many years.

    As we travel from the United Kingdom, Disney’s Magical Express was always the first and final experience of Disney Magic for every holiday. lt is stressful enough travelling internationally but the Magical Express lessened our anxiety and helped us look forward to enjoying our holiday and everything Disney!

    The Magical Express has always been truly a wonderful experience as the Cast Members always are happy welcoming and super efficient! The buses are always spotlessly clean and run on an efficient timetable.

    The Magical Express was always such an important part of our Disney holiday and it is terribly sad that this wonderful experience will come to an end in 2022.

    l understand the pandemic has hit businesses worldwide but taking away special benefits, like the Magical Express, makes me think Disney is penalising the people who wish to experience a Disney holiday. lt may seem like a small thing but all the cuts Disney ate making at the expense of the guests all add up and may stop future guests choosing (or possibly being able to afford) to go to Disneyworld in the future.
    l realise a Disney holiday is not cheap but all these benefits add up and possibly making a Disney holiday only for the elite and wealthy as opposed to most people.

    l know, at least for me, that this one benefit will affect me choosing to stay in a Disney resort and maybe even choosing a Disney holiday in the future.

  30. RoniCarp

    Off Topic a little bit, but is this feature disappearing for Disney Cruise Line, too? Will there still be Disney buses from the airport to the Port Canaveral terminal?


    I love the Magical Express! So sad to see it go. It is the beginning of the Disney magic as you embark on your voyage to the most magical place on earth.

    Now, for the low crowds, really? Could it be that we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic and Disney happens to be located at ground zero? Maybe???

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