Comments for Magic Kingdom VP Gives Update On Highly-Anticipated TRON Coaster

Tron Artwork

Credit: Disney D23 2017 Expo


  1. Marc

    I rode it in Shangjai and it was incredible! I’m sure wait times will be insane when it finally opens at MK, but wait until dark to ride it. Trust me!

  2. Paul Kihlmire

    Wouldn’t shock me if this will be another virtual queue ride and I’m 100% alright with that. Better than standing in line for 3 hours imo.

    1. Harley

      Not if your a security cm whom has to deal w the folks plus DAS guest that have to wait twice when we shouldnt have to wait at all!

  3. jo

    what about update in what Chapek is going to do about fastfass

  4. SG

    I love your comments, it looks like sooo much fun! I do hope they do a virtual queque too rather than make us pay for a Fast Pass for goodness sakes!! NO PAY FOR FAST PASS!!!!!

  5. Matthew Brewster

    Since the track sections are all pre-fabricated, and literally snap together (much like Legos), I don’t understand why it is taking so long to build the Tron coaster!

    1. WH Plumber

      Not as easy as you think. Yes, the ride is built elsewhere and trucked to the site in sections but it does not just snap together as we all wish.

  6. Not sure these statements qualify as progress’ on an opening date. My issue is The WDW Railroad! Fall ‘2022, represents my 2nd visit w/ my 6- grandkids/ 14-strong, Disney Crew (1st trip pre-pandemic-2019), without experiencing, arguably, the most iconic Magic Kingdom attraction : THE WALTER ELIAS DISNEY STEAM LOCOMOTIVE!!!! ????
    Unacceptable down time on the train! Complete the dang re-route around/through Tron, and get the daggum Choo-Choo rolling!!!

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