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cinderella castle (left) lightning magic kingdom (right)

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: Screenshot via Dan C.


  1. Nelson

    About as accurate as a Michael Kay video.

  2. Michael Jones

    Wow that was a waste of my time. Guess the guy had never been in a thunderstorm. No one else seemed fearful.

  3. RTorres

    Gtfoh Kelly. Disney should sue you.

  4. Yes, we were in center of Tomorrowland. Heavy rain, poor drainage. Feet soaked from standing in several inches of water while standing under the covered metal walkway while there was thunder and lightening. I couldn’t believe there is no lightening detection warning system to protect guests Really? So much rain the water wicked up our pants to our butts and our feet were squishing in our shoes. December 20, 2018. The worst experience I ever had at Disney.

    1. NENolan

      People need to do the responsible thing and seek shelter.

  5. Dee

    Did I miss something? What an exxagerator, almost struck by lightning. 🤣

  6. NENolan

    Well said! 👍🏻 I like how you think!

  7. Mark

    Uh hello the parks are protected by lightning rod hidden on all the structures if there weren’t they would have to make everyone shelter and there would be tons of crispy quests.

  8. Matt

    This reminds me of that time I was almost hit by a train as I sat in my car about 10 cars back from the crossing when it went by.

  9. Flash Gordon

    It was not a thunder. It was FLASH! 🤣

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