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  1. Elaine

    Not a fan of the dj no place at The Magic Kingdom!

    1. James Terruso

      This is horrible. I have gone to MK for 40 years just a horrible addition. Sorry but this may be the end of a good thing

      1. Sandy

        I agree, this made me sick.

  2. Ashley

    No. Just no. If I wanted to hear ‘Party in the USA’ along with a hype man, I would’ve gone to a nightclub or, like the article stated, just stayed at my cousin’s wedding :p

  3. Reuven

    Ok, the thing about getting people to leave the park sooner was pretty funny!

  4. LouiB

    Ok so we have parades that have gone through various lands of the Magic Kingdom for decades playing music on Main Street that has nothing to do with a Main Street theme and we have danced to those parades and that is perfectly ok and no one ever mentions that but for some reason all of a sudden this is not ok????

    1. THX1138

      Not the same

    2. Taurean Edwards

      I absolutely agree. This is not an issue, sorry MK purists, for 12 hours everything is normal, for the last 30 minutes let everyone else skip around and be silly. Now if you are upset he isn’t a good dj, then that’s a convo worth having lol.

  5. THX1138


    1. Tim 42

      Sucks. Ruins the magic. Back to the annoying real world. Not in keeping with Disney standards. What’s next? A dope smoking rapping Mickey Mouse?

  6. Taurean Edwards

    I absolutely agree. This is not an issue, sorry MK purists, for 12 hours everything is normal, for the last 30 minutes let everyone else skip around and be silly. Now if you are upset he isn’t a good dj, then that’s a convo worth having lol.

    1. Sandy

      I agree Randy!

  7. Kent

    Just shows present management has no idea, or just do not care about, what Disney Parks were created for and stand for. Or the traditions and stories they are based on.

    1. Sandy

      Exactly, Kent!

    2. Ken Brenner

      Hi Kent. Thanks for your comments. Look at how they are ruining Epcot, and what they are doing to Splash Mountain. All the Disney leadership cares about is how they look to the Wokers…

  8. Richard

    Huge Disney fan here…however…it seems that we are suffering tiny little losses every week. Fast passes gone, Magical Express leaving, and the magic slips away piece by piece until there is a DJ hurling nonsense at us on the way out. I’m out of places to turn to if they let this thing of ours go down the drain with the rest of the world.

  9. Stevie

    Gee, maybe I shouldn’t complain about this DJ as for now it’s free, the way Disney is going, next week they may start charging to avoid going past this 80s wedding act!

  10. Shocking

    What was once the administration of the world… Seems now they seek to emulate those 2nd rate parks.

    Extremely heart breaking; if It we’re within my power things would be restored to the wholesome purity that it once stood for.

    WDW had built Utopia; and we who upheld those values as early Cast Members were the Utopians.

    The return to the old ways is desperately required.

    1. Sandy

      Yes, desperately required, Randy!

    2. Ken Brenner

      Concur Randy, it is all very sad…

  11. It used to be easy choice between a Disney Vacation and just any old vacation at Universal or Busch Gardens. But after experiencing the DJ at the Main Street Station in combination with the other “Magical Changes” that have been implemented by Disney leadership, I’m not inclined to spend the extra money on a Disney Vacation. Seems like the rank amateurs making decisions in D.C. are involved in the crap decisions here at Disney. Just sad.

  12. L King

    Cheesy and not in a good Mouse way.
    WDW is supposed to be a Magical Place where from beginning to end you are transported to a different place, away from the “real world” and its cares and worry. Plus you are paying A TON of money for that privilege. The last thing you want to hear is cheaply done “real world” music on the way out of the park-this stays with you and is your last impression when you leave. Go back to the classic way of Disney—there’s a reason Walt was so successful at making families happy.

    1. Totally agree, well said!!!!

  13. Sandy

    This makes me sick!!!!
    To the people who are ruining Walt’s company, get out! Go somewhere else. You have no feelings of what Walt built!
    Not a clue! You are ruining it!
    You have no idea of the feelings people have leaving Disney World and now you are taking away the wonderful Magical feelings completely as they leave!
    Really stupid.
    It’s very sad that Walt’s dream isn’t run by people who understand what Walt’s dream was all about!

  14. Bill

    Relax. It is upbeat tunes to close out the night! You can still listen to your Disney theme songs on the way home.

    1. CarolineRN

      Just NO!!
      We could get that over in tomorrow land but not on that adorable 19th century main street!
      it quaint and I wouldn’t want to hear any modern garbage music and a loud guy telling me to throw my hand up and dance??!!!
      I don’t comment here all that much anymore because I truly feel all this ridiculousness is a test to see how much change we’ll take. And providing the powers that be at disney a good laugh.

    2. Totally agree, well said!!!!

  15. Stephen

    Have the Dapper Dans up there saying goodbye.

  16. Sucks BIG TIME on soooo many levels! What…are they trying to be Universal Studios now? Rather tasteless and disturbingly LOUD! Inappropriate music for the Magic Kingdom. When my husband and I went on a cruise and heard inappropriate music from DJs on Castaway Cay (not suitable for a Caribbean island locale), we registered a complaint….and we weren’t the ONLY cruisers to do so! Music was DEFINITELY NOT family-friendly! As for this MK DJ debacle – GET RID OF IT! Exhorting us at the tops of their lungs is NOT a lovely set of Mickey or Minnie ears at the end of the day! I hope this stuff and nonsense is GONE before my family’s trip in late November!

  17. Jennifer

    We were there Saturday and this was just, well, strange. Maybe they are trying to get guests out quickly by turning them off with this “entertainment”? I expect this at an afterhours, but not a regular park night.

  18. Danielle

    He’s playing a song from high school musical 😂 a DISNEY movie. While not the norm it’s not entirely against Disney considering the dance parties they had pre-covid.

  19. KenR

    Who in the heck is greenlighting decisions like this? Fire that person!

  20. Tamara Dowd

    Seems like the younger crowd liked the tunes. The older and the true Disney fans had enough noise! What happened to the Disney princesses and characters waving goodnight?

    1. EricJ

      I wasn’t there, but just from the description, I can sense the awkward guest reaction of “Uh, security, does that guy WORK here??”

  21. Hilary Boone

    While I was in one of the stores by Space Mountain they were playing random music like this rather than Disney Music!!!!

  22. EricJ

    Anyone who’s ever taken the boat back from MK to Wilderness or the Transportation center late at night, looking back at the lights of the park on our happily tired way to the hotel knows, the Main St. train station is the one place we


    a hip Radio Disney dance party. Note to WDI, they don’t fix everything.

  23. UniversalsBetter

    If you are Baffled by what’s been going on with Disney, just dig a little deeper and find the root of the problem. A few new hires come to mind.

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