Comments for Disney World Attraction Remains Unexpectedly Closed After 6 Days 

living with the land

Credit: ITM


  1. Scott

    It’s one of the few experiences that carries on the EPCOT vision. It educates, and the produce it grows is used in the restaurants. The walking tour is amazing. Other than the Hidden Mickeys, I enjoy the utter lack of other characters. The Land is the star of the show.

    1. Jenn

      I agree! The Land and Living with the Land: Authentic, nostalgic, and delicious. Only heartbreaks are the loss of Kitchen Kabaret/Food Rocks and moving hot air balloons ❤️.

    2. Anda Burnette

      No its perfect the way it is. Why does Disney keep changing and removing the things we love and grew up with.

      1. Ken Brenner

        Hi. I agree, they need to leave Epcot alone and keep the “informational” theme it has always had. Example: Maelstrom replaced by Frozen – Frozen should have been in Hollywood studios or Magic Kingdom. France: Pushed the wonderful movie “Impressions de France” to a few hours at night – replacing it by a sing along (how’s that for not informational or interesting). And of course – there’s Splash Mountain – a non-racist ride that is classic Disney and fun.

  2. I was there two weeks ago and was bitten by something on the back of my leg. I thought it was a mosquito, which was pretty ironic considering what they teach about Disney mosquitos during the ride. But it’s still there so now I’m wondering if it was a spider? Idk. Still itches!

  3. They are probably putting barriers on the boats so idiots can’t jump off and steal cucumbers. Get your cucumbers at the grocery store.

  4. Kathleen Ritchey

    I’d like to see a little updating. I love the ride and the walking tour is SO interesting, but I’m sure there are new developments that are not on display and perhaps needs to be added. I make it a point to ride this whenever we are in the park.

  5. Judy

    I love peacefulness and education of this ride.
    The ride vehicles are so easy to get in and out of especially the older I get 😉.

  6. Given climate change, they should retheme it to go along with the Jack Vance book “The Dying Earth”

  7. Diana Womack

    My husband is very interested in hydroponics and we have reservations September 8th to visit Epcot. This trip was specifically so he could see the hydroponic gardens. Now he wants to cancel because that was his main interest. We have reservations at Animal Kingdom Lodge for five days. We are so disappointed. Where may we get updates regarding the reopening? We have until September 2nd to cancel our reservations.

  8. Karn Gustafson

    A total refurbishment would be sacrilege. If there was a way to include any new technologies within the current ride I would be all for it. It is mine and my son’s favorite ride at EPCOT. I am sure part of the reason is the fact that I am a teacher of 26 years. Preserve The Land!!!

  9. Chris Nielson

    I think that ride sucks

    1. ZincMaddock

      Not enough sudden drops, flashing lights or shoehorned in IP characters for you?

  10. Sam

    Was in the parks last week on day 1 of the closure and overheard Soarin CM 1 telling Soarin CM 2 that it was getting a mini-overhaul and would be down for at least a few days. Who knows if true, but she was definitely right about the timing! The CMs standing outside of LWTL we’re just saying “we don’t know; check the app” so either they were out of the loop or just couldn’t be honest about it

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