Comments for George Lucas Helped Transform Leonardo DiCaprio Into Anakin Skywalker

hayden christensen as anakin skywalker (left) and leonardo dicaprio as jay gatsby (right)

Credit: Lucasfilm/Warner Bros.


  1. Greg D

    Am I reading this wrong or do you really think this is George Lucas? Everything is deep fakes, including Lucas… correct?

  2. Tristin Q

    That video is not George Lucas, it’s a spoof video. There is a whole series of it on YouTube done by Collider. I clicked on Google News, and on the front page this article is on my recommended section, meaning it might be for others, meaning that incorrect information could be spread. I’d do a little more digging on the videos. Love the article though.

  3. David

    George Lucas is played by Josh Robert Thompson @joshrthompson it says so right there in the description.

    Knucklehead ?

  4. oioio

    Ah, need unseen pills…

  5. Dan

    The fact that people who write news articles can’t even read video descriptions is unreal. Imagine how many more articles that are just straight out wrong are out there.

  6. Nate Danger

    Oh my gosh….. This article is clearly wrong. The glaring inaccuracy is clear to us all…..

    We all know Jorge Lucas’ first choice for Anakin was Nicholas Cage. This was scrapped, of course, when he was unable to secure Burt Reynolds in the role of O’bae Won.

  7. Rave

    Not only did you miss the obvious point of that clearly not being Lucas as many pointed out, but you also shamelessly copied nearly a full paragraph from the article that you linked and still misunderstood it. Maybe spend more than 5 minutes on an article before spreading misinformation.

  8. Rich

    Lol I absolutely love that the writer here thinks that this was really George Lucas. That’s pure unintentional comedic gold. You ma’am, got super deep faked.

  9. NatNat

    Come-on, author! It’s obvious that George Lucas in the video is a deepfake, too!
    Wow. Not trying to be mean, but I suggest you do your homework….or know the subject you are writing about.

  10. MAsterrSerch

    Yeeeeaaaaah, LOOKS weren’t the issue with Hayden. In fact, he emoted quite well just with his face alone… I saw and felt more pain, anger, confusion, and sadness of Anakin Skywalker just on Hayden’s face alone, than with any line he may have delivered, except for maybe “I HATE YOU!!!,” to Obi-Wan at the end of Ep3…
    While now I’ve come to fully accept and more or less like Hayden’s performance in the prequels (especially after I learned that he slowed his cadence down in Ep3 to mimic James Earl Jones’ as Vader in the OT), there’s still some lines that are not only still painful today simply because of shoddy writing, there are of course lines that absolutely shouldn’t have made it to the final/theatrical cut of the movie, let alone even a rough draft (?)

  11. Cherry

    Lol 😁 this whole thing is beyond stupid. The deep fake is obvious and lame.

  12. Ana

    I still prefer Hayden. He embodied the characteristics of Anakin in such a way that some fans were annoyed by him, which was the point all along. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 😉

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