Comments for Johnny Depp Speaks Out On Hollywood’s “Boycott” Of Him

Johnny Depp

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  1. Dustin Bollnow

    He needs to speak out how he feels. It needs to be heard.

    1. Agree! No Pirates without Johnny Depp! No one can replace him in the movies!!!!

  2. I do not believe Amber Heard. She’s a manipulator and con-artist. She conned Johnny Depp into believing she had the same interests as him. She’s a liar. Leave Johnny alone cancel culture. Not interested in a LGBTQ Pirates, put it on LOGO.

  3. Cindy

    I don’t believe Amber at all! Look at her past and the people she has been with say she’s the abuser. Johnny is an AMAZING actor and if he had to be dropped from projects so should she! She was riding on Johnny’s coat tails! She will never be as successful as he and never as loved !!

  4. J.

    No boycott from me Johnny. Come back soon!

  5. S.

    I am glad Johnny is speaking out. No boycott either from me, I want to see him back in the movies where he belongs. I hope he does come back. Amber needs to go to rehab, or go away. She’s done enough damage, and needs to STOP!, NO person should have to endure this much crap as Johnny has. I hope they can get it settled. It has gone on way too long. I don’t believe Amber, and I do not trust her.

  6. S.

    I think Johnny Depp has a right to speak out. I hope he can get this mess resolved once and for all. And he can come back. He belongs in the movies. Amber has done enough, she needs to stop and go to rehab or go away. She cannot be trusted.

  7. Johnny has to speak out. He has a right to his opinions, feelings and should not be afraid to tell his side. He belongs back in Hollywood and must play Captain Jack. No one else will do. Hope you come back Johnny! It is wrong to discriminate!

  8. S.

    No Boycott from me either, Johnny!, YOU deserve to be back and play Captian Jack. I hope you can and do. It is wrong for Hollywood to discriminate.

  9. S.

    I am glad Johnny is speaking out. He has the right to his opinions and should not be afraid to tell his side. I hope he does come back. Hollywood is wrong to discriminate.

  10. I feel Johnny should speak out. He has the right to his side of the story too. Hollywood is wrong to discriminate. Hope he comes back. No boycott from me. His movies are fantastic, just like him. They are separate from the divorce.

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