How Joe Rohde’s Earring Escaped the “Disney Look”

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Some things are inherently Disney, and the way Cast Members look is one of them.

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Previously, Disney had very strict “Disney Look” rules which controlled how Cast Members did their hair, dressed, dictated if they were allowed to have visible tattoos, their nail color, and more. Recently, Disney changed their rules for the “Disney Look” to be more inclusive. Now, certain tattoos are acceptable, more gender-inclusive nail color, hairstyles, and costumes are allowed, and much more. If you want a full list of what is allowed, click here. 

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Imagineer Joe Rohde is known for his incredible work with the Walt Disney Company and is physically recognizable due to his massive earring collection. Joe Rohde’s look is one that would have defied the classic “Disney Look” as his ears have been stretched with spacers, and his earrings are quite large on one side. Knowing that Joe’s look was against company policy, how did he get away with it?

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Morgen (@startari0tinme) took to Twitter and asked:

@Joe_Rohde I have to ask because it nags at me every time I see it, was anything ever said in relation to Disney Look and your stretched ear? I only ask out of curiosity because I stressed about shrinking mine when I applied for an International Programme

Joe responded:

My career was officially offstage so there was no “Look” code. My media notoriety is a bit of an anomaly so the fact that the earring is a public thing is accidental. For regular cast members it’s a whole other rationale. We are/were meant to be unseen. Like shoemakers elves.

So, it seems that as long as you worked behind the scenes, Cast Members were allowed to defy some of the rules that Guest facing Cast Members could not. Even today, Joe’s earrings would not be accepted as an on-stage Cast Member.

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