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its a small world

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. I really think it looks nice.I know it’s going to be such an exciting time for everyone and I wish I could be there in October to help Celebrate but I don’t think I’ll be able to go but I will return to Walt Disney World Resort sometime soon.

  2. Matt Brewster

    This is yet another one of your pointless reports. A slight COLOR CHANGE? You really think that is newsworthy? I say NO, it is not!

    1. Joann Rescelo

      who remembers the year Its a small world had neon colors added Seriously looked like a carnival ride .. (I’ve been going since 1974)
      It was the worse choice or the ride Thank goodness it didn’t last long either

  3. Rachel

    I was just here yesterday. The front is blue. The left is a purple/pink and the right is green. It’s beautiful!

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