Comments for Extinct Disney Attraction Had Secret Second Attraction Inside

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Heather

    My daughter auditioned when we went back in 2011!

  2. John

    That’s really splitting hairs there. It was just part of the same attraction in my mind. Several attractions have/had areas where they bring in guests and make them part of the main attraction. Indiana Jones and the Backlot Tour (where I used to work) are two that come tom mind.

  3. Frank W Kapczynski Jr

    I auditioned even though I had no clue that this experience was even possible so the entire time I was waiting in line I kept trying to think of songs in which I actually knew all the lyrics to and kept drawing a blank so I eventually auditioned with Ratt’s Round and Round where I was told that was a first time he ever heard anyone use a Ratt song for an audition piece

  4. Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding

    Tell us where your father hid the money!!!

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