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mickey mouse at aulani

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  1. L

    With so much of the state’s income deriving from tourism, I’m sure this governor’s constituents are just thrilled to hear this. Better be careful Buddy, or you could soon be put out of a job too.

    1. Kenr

      True, but the big problem is that the voters in these liberal, socialist states and cities would vote and support a bag of dog poo with the word “Democrat” on it over a Republican.

  2. Chris

    Sorry, it is time we all figure out that COVID is here to stay and we accept that life comes with risks. It is also time we learn that mandates don’t work, each person needs to be free to decide what works for them to protect themselves and their families, no one should expect others to do anything to protect them. If someone chooses not to get vaccinated, that is on them and they need to accept the health risks associated with that. If someone doesn’t wear a mask, that should be up to them. No business or government should be able mandate what an individual does or doesn’t do.

    1. Sue

      I couldn’t have said that better. You are spot on!
      The government needs to get out of the way. So do unions and bar associations (lawyers)

    2. Kenr

      Well said! But these liberal, woke corporations like Disney, The tech giants, and media, need to realize that these socialists government officials will turn on them too as they gain power. They will bite the hand that feeds them without any consideration whatsoever. Newsome did everything possible to ruin Disneyland. Keeping it closed for over a year should wake this company up.

  3. Sue

    Just another democratic governor high on power who doesn’t follow true science.
    He needs to be removed from office.

  4. Keola

    Mufi Hanemann and the tourist cabal give a big middle finger to the Hawaii governor and residents as thousands of new infections occur and people die of covid daily. Can’t delay that vacation!

  5. Kenr

    I’m not surprised that this liberal, socialist, power hungry democrat feels this way. They love their lockdowns, masks, and the ability to dictate and control the citizens two stupidly elected them. Covid is not going to “be defeated”. It is never going away. People need to decide for themselves how they want to deal with it. Not enough hospital beds? Build more, encourage kids to become doctors and nurses. Make college less expensive and bulldoze the nonsense college classes that these children borrow money to take as part of their degree. And maybe Disney will realize that their support of these socialists, liberal policies is not good for their business. Perhaps they will reconsider where they build parks, resorts, and invest their money. Florida vs California is hopefully an eye opener. Lockdowns, masks, and shutting down the schools do not work.

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