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Hall of Presidents at magic kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Disneyistoowoke

    I heard they planned to reopen earlier but his animatronic kept sneaking over to small world so it could sniff all the children every night.

    1. Barb

      So funny. Thank you!

    2. Bob

      Prove it

  2. Sue

    Why bother? Biden is not the legitimate president.

    1. Barb

      Love it!

    2. Bob

      Prove it

  3. PAlterBoy

    Yay! Now we get to hear from all the Trumpsters whining about their Commander In Thief got handed the phrase, “You’re fired!”

  4. Bizarre! WDW usually has the president saying a motivational speech. The oath of office is something they all say. This is as scripted as his last press conference. WDW is proving that Biden is without an original thought.

    1. anon

      I thought he would give his “You know the thing” speech.

      1. Michelle

        Ha ha! I though so too.?

    2. I hear the Trump animatronic has been caught grifting from the rubes and grabbing pussies in Liberty Square . Or was it the real Trump?

      1. SG

        Lol, so true. Mom and Dad keep an eye on your daughters in The Hall of Presidents!

  5. Dan

    Nice work Disney, they got Biden up quick. Very eager I imagine.
    Especially since they held off putting up Trump for over a year.

  6. Tony

    I think that Biden’s animatronic is the most honest depiction of his presidency and should be moved to the white house ASAP. He is nothing but a puppet for the leftist running the government anyway. So this way they can just program in whatever they want him to say and not have to worry if he can’t remember what he has to say.

    1. Michelle

      The puppet animatronic sings “I have strings. I’m not free. There are lots of strings on me!”

  7. SG

    Yay, I can’t wait to see President Biden’s likeness! I’ve been waiting for years to see a REAL presidential comeback! Finally, respect back in the house!

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